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21 Things You'll *Only* Understand If You Studied At Symbiosis Pune

21 Things You'll *Only* Understand If You Studied At Symbiosis Pune

When you leave the comfort of your home for college, there are a series of (mixed) emotions you go through. You're struggling to live away from your school besties, distraught about leaving the comfort of your parents' home and ecstatic about all that freedom. But when you decide you're studying at Symbiosis University...that experience is slightly different. Read on for things you'll only know if you studied at Symbiosis University in Pune.

1. There is a tapri outside the college that serves up steamier gossip than chai.

2. Getting a TNG (term-not-granted) feels worse than a break-up. 

3. The scandals from the fresher's party will be discussed years after you have graduated. 

4. Getting a warning letter is the scariest threat a professor can give you. 

5. There are at least three couples that started dating in the first week of college and broke up before the first semester got over.

6. Pune's Burger King is where you eat when you're broke.




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7. You've spent more time in High Spirits than in the college library. 

8. Instead of pre-gaming before going to High Spirits, you're pre-eating at Burger King.

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9. The girls staying at the hostel think and act as if they're better than the 'localites'.

10. Life changes when you discover chocolate toast and Cab-B.

11. You gain freshmen 15 'coz you're basically living on vada pao, chocolate toast and Cad-B. 




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12. After you get back from a break/internship, the canteen bhaiya greets you more warmly than any faculty member.

13. In fact, the person who seems to have missed you the most is the guy at the local booze shop. 

14. By the third semester you realise, getting a 'backlog' is no big deal. Even the topper of the batch has one.

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15. You're more upset with the canteen guy for only giving you one gulab jamun with your paid lunch, than when you get a backlog.

16. After visiting the beautiful Lavale campus, you bitch about how bad your campus is. 




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17. You scoff at the fact that all the Symbiosis campuses outside Pune are fake. 

16. That feeling when you're struggling to explain to your relatives just how many institutes come under Symbiosis University. 

19. Thanks to all the TNGs and Backlogs, only 1/6th of your batch shows up at the graduation at Lavale campus. 

20. There is a bigger batch reunion at the backlog exams than at the graduation.

21. The biggest sign you graduated from Symbiosis Pune - years later, you're still raving about how college was the BEST time of your life.

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