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Are You The Only Married One In Your Group? 18 Bizarre Questions We Bet You've Been Asked!

Are You The Only Married One In Your Group? 18 Bizarre Questions We Bet You've Been Asked!

Being married has a lot of perks but when you’re the only married one in your group of friends, it's like you somehow become the butt of every joke or every ‘shaadi shuda’ stereotype! I was among the first few girls to get married and I’ve had my fair share of marriage memes thrown my way. There are some outright bizarre notions that people have about being married. Here are some of the most annoying questions married people get asked. I bet you're going to find these oh-so-relatable if you are married and wildly entertaining if you're not!

Warning, major sarcasm ahead! 

When are you going to give us a baby?

marriage-married-meme-joke-baby 112

How about you leave me alone and let me enjoy my drink, lady?

You must be having so much sex!

Yep, didn't you get the memo? All day, every day...that's literally ALL I got married for! 

How is your mother-in-law?

She's wonderful, thanks for asking. I'm sorry I couldn't give you the gossip you were expecting.

Can you set me up with some of his cute friends?

marriage-married-meme-joke-baby 1

Husband's BFF marrying my BFF... Sounds like a plan!  

Do you know how to cook? Can you make rotis now?

It's the only priority in my life, I've made it my life's mission to practice making rotis every free minute I get. 

Can we party at your house?

Do you promise to help me clean up and do the dishes after? 

You’re always busy with your husband. When will you hang out with us?


Yes, it's called having a life and new responsibilities. Maybe you'll get it after you're married too. 

Do your in-laws know that you drink?

Do your parents know you got sloshed last weekend? Of course, they don't!

Who does the dishes?

If only I had a dish to throw every time I got asked this question.  

Are you allowed to check out cute boys?


I'm not blind, am I? 

How can you be married to the same person for life? Don’t you get bored of seeing the same face every day?

I've only been married two years, why don't you ask me that question in another two? 

Does he help with the house chores?

It's 2019 love, we BOTH do the housework.

How did you know he’s the one?


I don't know girl, I guess you just have to kiss a few frogs and take your chances. 

Do you hang out with each other’s friends?

Yes, would you like to join the club? 

What else do you have to look forward to now that you’re already married?

Oh nothing major, just the rest of my life!

OMG! You didn’t get your period, you must be pregnant. Are you?


Yes, Satan will be here shortly.

When will you quit your job? Now that you’re married, you don’t need to work, right?

Nope, absolutely not. Who needs a job when I can just sit in my room and comb my hair all day, right? 

How do you have sex when your in-laws are living with you?



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