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Carry It With Style: The 5 Awesome Ways To Work Your Backpack!

Carry It With Style: The 5 Awesome Ways To Work Your Backpack!

The backpack is one accessory that you either like or you simply don't—there are no two ways about it. But with leading international fashion houses going out of their way to include an array of backpacks in their collections, you know that it is indeed an all-important accessory. 

If you happen to fall in the backpack-lover camp, you already know that its utility-inspired functions give it a head start. Complete with the new-age designs that are eye-catching and fashionable, the striking accessory doesn't fail to make a mark. But how does one carry it in different ways so that it doesn't start to border on boring? The ways of styling your backpack are many, but we bring to you here the 5 essential ones that will take you places, with all your belongings intact. Read on. 

1. Street Style Casual


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Just like a pair of jeans and a tee never go out of style, a backpack teamed with the stylish duo doesn't either. Go hands-free the street style way, with all your necessities safe in a striking backpack that makes a mark. 

2. In The Hand


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Sure a backpack is called so because of it's basic nature: you carry it on your back, but if you would rather hold in in your hands, go for it! A tiny, not-too-big backpack fits the bill if you are out shopping for a bag to literally get your hands on. 

3. Keeping It Classic


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Your polka dot shirt and your black trousers are bound to stay in-vogue always, just like a classic backpack that you can carry anywhere, anytime. Pair your basics, read classic styles of clothing, with a smart backpack to make heads turn. 

4. Hello There, Androgyny!


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Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that androgynous styles are always a rage. Pair your atypical style of apparel with a printed backpack and you will be the talk of the town, trust us!

5. The Supersize Route


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Do you know what's better than a backpack? A bigger backpack! Pair your ensemble with a quirky version of the accessory that does the talking for you. From popular cartoon characters to embroidered motifs, the options are many. 

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Published on May 16, 2019
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