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Taiwan Becomes The First Country In Asia To Legalise Same Sex Marriages & It's A Win For All Of Us!

Taiwan Becomes The First Country In Asia To Legalise Same Sex Marriages & It's A Win For All Of Us!

The world relationship with homosexuality has been a long and complicated one. While many countries in the West have decriminalised same-sex relationships, the same cannot be said about countries on this side of the globe. In India, too, it was just last year that we scrapped the archaic Section 377, a 189-year-old colonial law that criminalises gay sex. At the same time, though, in Brunei, just a few months ago, a harsh Sharia law was introduced which called for death by stoning for homosexual sex. Yes, that's the world we live in.

However, being the torchbearer of good news, we're thrilled to tell you that Taiwan has now become the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriages and it's a win for all of us.

In 2017, the island's constitutional court ruled that homosexual couples had the right to get married and the Parliament was given a two-year deadline and was supposed to pass the changes by 24th May. Lawmakers debated three bills and the most progressive of them was passed.

Hundreds of people celebrated the historic judgment and marked the occasion with teary embraces and warm smiles. They couldn't stop celebrating the thing they've been fighting for the most - freedom to love.

Love always wins.

Hope and happiness will always win against hatred. 

They have made history.

'The other two bills submitted by more conservative lawmakers refer to partnerships as 'same-sex family relationships' or "same-sex unions' rather than 'marriages'. But the bill backed by the lawmakers from the majority Democratic Progressive Party was the only one to offer limited adoption rights. It will come into effect after President Tsai Ing-wen passes it into law.

It's a win for the entire LGBTQ community and for the world. Taiwan, you're an inspiration to all of us. We're proud of you.

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