Stars Reveal: Will Your Sex Life Be Over The Moon This June?

Stars Reveal: Will Your Sex Life Be Over The Moon This June?

Welcome to the month of June, lovelies! I'm warning ya, it's gonna start pouring like cats and dogs this month, BUT, it's also gonna be raining hearts too! *Wink* Taken or single, each zodiac sign has their sex life all figured out by the stars for the month. So ladies, if you're wondering whether you're gonna get it *good* this month, you'll just have to read on to find out.  


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Taken: Sex for you has started to feel more intimate than before. You're not the type to get emotional and cuddle in bed, but now, you're starting to get there. It makes you feel like a different person, but then again, different is good. You're on the road to building a stronger connection between you and your S.O. 

Single: A lil bit of flirting don't hurt anybody. Dress your best, walk up to your crush and strike up a conversation with him. Guys love women who are confident about themselves. Be the girl he wants to take home after a rager night!   


Taken: There will be fights, but there will also be a hell lot of sex. One day, you two are getting dirty in between the sheets, the next day, you want to tear each other apart. Your love life is on fire, but the spice is what keeps it burning anyway.     

Single: You may want to take a break from having sex and that's okay. You're looking for something meaningful and only want to hop into bed with someone who you really love and care for. No force here. Just do it when you're ready.  


Taken: Hello, birthday girl! You and bae are in a desperate need of a vacay. Birthday sex should be included in one of your actives too. So, what are you waiting for? Pop that bubbly, get into your party suit and make sweet love to your cutie till the break of dawn. 

Single: It's your Birthday month, girl! It's that time of the year for you to shine and own it on your big day. You have the charm, the looks, the confidence, you can ask any guy out and I'm sure he'd want an invitation to your bedroom too. 


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Taken: You feel safe when your partner is in you. Nothing in the world matters when his legs and body are wrapped around yours. Life is a breeze when he's lying next to you in bed. You've fallen for him completely.  

Single: Sex for you has always been special. You don't do it with just anybody. This person needs to be your person. A friend or a crush, you know that whatever you land up doing, your night will be magical. 


Taken: A little bit of tension in your relationship. This could take a toll on your sex life. I mean, you could fight all month, but isn't that stuff all a waste of energy. Just go for hot makeup sex already! 

Single: You've been feeling hot lately. Even if you don't have anyone to do naughty things to, who cares? You can pleasure yourself! It's a great way to understand what kind of touch your body enjoys.  


Taken: The sex with this guy feels so amazing that you may be tempted to ask him to marry you. He's good and knows all your pleasure spots at the back of his hand. You are a lucky woman!

Single: So what if he's not your boyfriend yet? If he's been checking you out and you're doing the same, it's pretty obvious he wants you as much as you want him. Eye contact, baby!


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Taken: Monsoons and sex, such a heavenly combo, right? This is exactly what you're going to indulge in this June. He's going to make you feel like a queen in bed. There's no doubt about it. 

Single: Sex without meaning is not worth the effort at all. You're a romantic at heart. You want to see fireworks and feel loved when you two are doing the deed. If he's not up to the mark, you can say 'Thank You, Next' him. 


Taken: Gear up to give your man a wild time in bed. After all, you are a sexy tigress and you know how to give him a good time in bed. Once he gets addicted to your love, it's game over for him.

Single: Are feeling slightly heartbroken? It's alright. It happens to the best of us. Don't get into a rebound if he's not the one you love. Take some time off and heal first before you get into a new relationship. 


Taken: You are your partner need to time out. Sex won't get any better if you have unresolved issues. Talk to your man first and then indulge in sex. It'll make your conscience feel lighter and better. 

Single: If you've been single for too long, then it's probably because you haven't made the effort to step out of your comfy bubble. You want a man, you've got to go find him. It takes two hands to clap. 


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Taken: Stop doubting your partner's feelings for you. Your sex life suffers. Please understand that the very fact that they're in your bed and not in some other woman's is proof that he is yours only.  

Single: You have sex when you least expect to this month. Meeting a cute stranger is likely to happen and things could escalate quickly. Just know what you're signing up for. 


Taken: You're having probably the most amazing sex life compared to anyone on this list. The guy you're with keeps you grounded, makes you feel safe and loves every part of your body just the way it is.

Single: Your mind is telling you that you need to have more sex, but your body isn't willing to have it. Listen to your body and don't give into peer pressure. 


Taken: Sex turns into love. You know he's the one when his performance in bed exceeds your expectations. The guy makes you feel so good down there that you just can't stop thinking about it even when you two are apart. 

Single: A little slow, a little shy, your approach to sex is cute, but not meant for the big bad world. Put thought into your love life before you get into some random guy's bed. 

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