32 Obvious Signs That He Wants To Have Sex With You!

32 Obvious Signs That He Wants To Have Sex With You!

Hello ladies, did you know that you can tell by a dude's body language that he wants to get in bed with you? Sure you can! It doesn't matter whether he's a bold or a shy cookie, if the tiger wants to get laid, his actions will make his intentions obvious. So if you've been dating this guy for long or even if it's recent, these 32 signs are clear indications that he wants to have sex with you! 

1. During a conversation, you catch him staring at your boobs from time to time. 

2. On every sexy mirror or vacay picture you post on the 'Gram, he's the first one to like it and comment. 

3. Whenever you lock eyes with him, he licks his lips. 

4. He drunk calls you prrreeetty often. 

drunk call sex

5. When you two pose for a selfie, he places his hands on your hips. 

6. If you send him a naughty text, he gets back in less than 2 minutes. 

7. He often talks about sex and casually jokes of having it with you. 

8. Every time you hug him, he gets a hard-on. 

9. He claims to give the best back massage in the world *Wink*

massage sex time

10. Every time you walk into his room, the lights are dim and his bed is clean. 

11. If he had a choice to chill with you in a group or you alone, he'll pick the latter!

12. He's very touchy around you. Your hands, your back, your sides - he can't keep his hands to himself!

13. During the day, he sends you flirty text messages and naughty gifs. 

14. The 'Eggplant' emoji is his all-time favourite! 

15. He likes placing his hand on your thigh when he's sitting close to you. 

16. Whenever he's alone at home, he makes it a point to tell you that he is and invites you over. 

17. You usually get a call or a text from him post 11 pm.

18. He cuts you off the moment you mention another guy's name. 

19. When he's kissing on your neck, his breathing gets heavier. 

kiss on the neck

20. He asks you to send a sexy picture of yourself. 

21. He gifts you lingerie. 

22. You've caught him staring when you come out of a shower. 

shower sex 22

23. When you're at his place, he roams around shirtless most of the times. 

24. On your day off, he invites you to come over to Netflix and Chill with him. 

25. He tags you in naughty memes. 

26. Every time he pulls you close to him, he tells you how soft your skin is and how amazing you smell. 

touch couple gif

27. He brags about how fit his body is and how strong his muscles feel. 

flexing boyfriend

28. He tells you how good he's in bed whenever you two talk about sex. 

29. When he's in the shower, he invites you to join him aka shower sex!

30. He plants soft kisses on your back and makes you feel his boner when he's spooning with you. 

sexy time

31. He tells you that you're on his mind when he's masturbating. 

32. He straight up tells you that he wants to have sex with you. Simple.

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