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#CelebEncounters: People Reveal What Meeting Their Favourite Bollywood Celeb Was Really Like

#CelebEncounters: People Reveal What Meeting Their Favourite Bollywood Celeb Was Really Like

We've all dreamt about that moment when we'll run into our favourite celebrities randomly. What will be our reaction - will we jump with joy, not believe our eyes or be tongue-tied? I'm sure this is a visual all of us have relived over and over again. But there are some people who actually got to live out this dream. We found Quora threads of people who got to meet their (and our) favourite Bollywood celebs and lived to tell the tale. Were they pleasant, accommodating and approachable or were they arrogant and standoffish? Let's find out!

1. Deepika Padukone

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"I used to work with a company that managed Deepika Padukone and once when her agent was on holiday, I was asked to step in. I managed Deepika for around 2 weeks and accompanied her to shoots, meetings and film launches and I must say that she is extremely humble, super friendly and always sent me off with a hug after every day when we wrapped up. Additionally, though I always had my car and driver to drive me home she used to check with me if I needed a drop."

Source: Quora

2. Varun Dhawan

"I was carefully holding it, and out of nowhere Varun Dhawan appeared, I was looking down at the juice glasses so I was kinda preoccupied. When we were something 3 ft. apart I saw him heading towards me talking to a guy beside him. I think I could have stopped and let him pass but my brain shut down seeing a celebrity and he bumped into me. At that moment I didn't know what to do. I was laughing as well as scared. The only word I said was oops. I was expecting a kind of penance stare, but nothing of that sort came. Instead, he bent down picked up the glasses and threw them in the bin next to him as the drinks were spilt. I was completely dazed. He was pointing towards my legs but I was too shocked to actually listen. Then I felt wetness on my pants. He was saying, “Aapke jeans pe to sara drink gir gaya hain." I just looked down and smiled. Trying to hide the stain. The guy next to him was about to grab my hand I don't know what for when Varun Dhawan waved him off. Now, this came part came as an absolute shocker to me.

Me: Sorry sir, I didn't see you coming.

He: It is okay.

(I started walking back to the gallery.)

Just as I crossed him,

He: Hey, there is nothing much I can do about the mess but I can give you a picture if you like.

I said yes, after staring at him blankly for 3 seconds."

Source: Quora

3. Siddharth Malhotra

"Waited for 5 mins and there he came, tall, handsome, fair AF, almost like a dream. He shook hands with us, asked us where we live. He was so glad to know that I came all the way from Varanasi to meet him, that too, with my dad. He was kind enough to listen to all that we had to say. We also got him a cake as he is soon going to complete his six years in Bollywood, which he was so happy to see. We then clicked some pictures and made videos for our friends who couldn't meet him. He was so humble and kind. I was completely mesmerised and drooling over him while he was making a video I couldn't take my eyes off him, literally. We then handed out our letters and gifts. I remember him saying "I do read them in my free time" ISN'T HE THE BEST?"

Source: Quora

4. Arjun Kapoor

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"Arjun came to me as there wasn’t any rush at the airport and he was like come let’s take a selfie. He was talking so cutely as if he was talking to a kid :) and I was just looking at him. Then he took my phone and said ‘Arey aapne to isme apni hi photo kheech rakhi hai’ and took a selfie which got blurred."

Source: Quora

5. Amitabh Bachchan

"I was initially upset that we got a seat behind him that means his back will appear to us all the time but during the entire shoot, he made sure to turn around and wave and smile at us at every given opportunity. During the breaks, he would mumble few sentences and joke with us. He is extremely charismatic and down to earth person. He made the atmosphere so lively. He is interactive with the contestants as well and goes beyond the script. During one of the ad breaks, when the makeup man was adjusting his hair and applying little powder on his face, he looked at us and smiled and said, 'ye inko keh do, ab kuch nahi ho sakta iss chehre ka!' (Tell them that nothing can happen to this face now that I am old.) We had a hearty laugh. The little face twist expression that he made with that dialogue is still clearly etched in my mind."

Source: Quora

6. Aamir Khan

"He was a really nice person to have a conversation with. We talked about IIT and why the movie wasn't shot there as the book was based on IIT. I even took a few bodybuilding tips from him. But he had to leave as he was suffering from headache and dizziness because he couldn't acclimatize properly and had to shoot and finish the work in two days."

Source: Quora

7. Katrina Kaif

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"My 10-year-old cousin is a huge fan of hers for all the massy, masala movies he watches. He was very excited to go & meet her but we didn't want to disturb her or be rude. So we asked him to wait till she was done to approach her. After a couple of minutes, she was done with her workout. She was sitting, having juice & chatting to another white girl (maybe she was her sister, I'm not sure). We finally couldn't hold back our cousin any longer, so he grabbed his phone & ran to her. He told her he was a huge fan, told her she looked very pretty, & asked if he could get a selfie with her. Her reply? She looked at him with dead eyes said "Umm.. No". Then banged her juice glass on the table, turned back to the girl sitting next to her, mumbled something inaudible with a disgusted expression & they walked away."

Source: Quora

8. Madhuri Dixit

"Mamu again asked, are you both happy now? We again replied, yes we are but we want to meet Madhuri Dixit. He laughed and replied, 'bache she is not in Mumbai, otherwise I would have taken you people to meet her'. Thinking that we both will be normal in a day or two, he got busy with his work. Hardly after an hour, his phone rang and after talking over the phone, he shouted in joy. He asked our mom to change our clothes and keep us ready as Madhuri was visiting his house. She was luckily shooting in a studio near his house and wanted to use the loo coz it was quite dirty there.  It was a dream coming true for us and within 15 minutes the doorbell rang and she was standing there with her father. Dressed up beautifully in a maroon suit and matching jewellery, she was looking stunning. She sat with us, by taking my younger sister into her lap and asked so many questions about our studies, where do we live, what we wanted to be." 

Source: Quora

9. Salman Khan

"Always irritated and tired. Always. May he has some health problems? Who knows. Extremely unprofessional. Reporting to work 8–9 hours late is the norm. Refuses to rehearse, memorize lines, follow the script, or stick to what the technicians have prepared with days of hard work. If asked for a 3rd take, will announce a pack-up."

Source: Quora

10. Kalki Koechlin

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"The girl next to me approached Kalki for a photo and requested me to click it. I clicked and wanted to ask her the same. But before I could, she took back her phone and left me hanging there without giving me a chance to speak.

Kalki: She didn't say thank you, huh?

I smiled awkwardly. I too wanted a photo but I was too shy to ask for it.

Kalki: You can take a selfie!

Me: Yes, I can!

Me: Thank you! It was nice meeting you.

Kalki: You too, take care!

She seemed pretty cool to me."

Source: Quora

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