May SexScope: What's On The Sex Cards For Your Zodiac This Month?

May SexScope: What's On The Sex Cards For Your Zodiac This Month?

MAY you get lots of action this May! *Wink* Single or taken, it doesn't matter as long as you got your eyes on the prize. Since no two people are the same, each zodiac's sex's fate may slightly differ from each other. Let's see what's on the sex cards for you this May. 


We know that you like to take the lead in bed, Aries. However, it would be a wonderful experience if you swap roles with your partner for a change. It's okay trust, someone, you love with your body. Love-making then won't feel like a competition, but a blissful union between two passionate souls. 


Hooking up with a stranger at a bar isn't that bad. Maybe, you're looking for some love or maybe some fun, but let us tell you one thing, Cupid has a plan. One hit with his arrow is enough to make you want to put on a ring on Mr Stranger Danger. 


couple kissing

Love for you this month is not awesome sex, but cuddles and giggles. The guy you share the bed with makes you feel like his soulmate. He's everything you've ever wanted and you should thank the God of Love for bringing you two cuties together. 


This month is all about bonding with your lover, Cancer. You two not only connect on a physical level but on a mental, emotional and spiritual level as well. Whenever you're around your man, go on a social media detox. All eyes only on him. 


You two have been arguing about petty things for a while now. Stop it. Love is the answer and the only way to get even is to get naughty in between the sheets. That's the beauty of makeup sex anyway!


find yourself

Maybe you should take a break from sex for a little while. Do you this time, girl. Spend time alone instead of pouring all your love and energy into someone who doesn't deserve your time. Go out with your girls, read a book at a cafe while sipping on some hot chamomile tea or just do a movie marathon - anything that helps you bring yourself one step closer to you. 


Making out with someone you never had feelings for puts you in a bad light. The other person's emotions do not deserve to be played around with. If you don't love them, leave them. Give them a chance to find love if you can't give it to them. 


Rebound sex is never a good idea. Instead of making your ex jealous by sleeping with some arm candy, focus on how to win him back. Go old-fashion here. Write him letters, send flowers (men LOVE flowers) buy him a movie ticket - whatever you feel like, go ahead and get your sugarplum back. 


sexy couple

Any man who's doing you will want to go for a second round soon. Honey, you're irresistible! He can't focus at work without fantasizing about you. You have him under a love spell and if things get too intense, he might go down on one knee for you.   


Among other things, even the sex is missing in the relationship, you two probably need to talk about it. It's easy to get comfortable with someone you've been dating for a while. Don't get there, boredom is a killer. Spice things up this month by grooming yourself in the best way possible. 


There are things more important than sex and that is your mental health. Don't make love when you're not feeling your best. Take some time off and use it to bond with yourself and friends. It's all about finding who you are instead of searching for it in someone else. 


take your time

Sex is so much better when love is involved. Wait for that person who is willing to bare it all for you and put your needs first. Even if it feels like it's not going to happen anytime soon, make an intention to the universe. In time, you will meet a guy who'll love you for your soul. 

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