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Pack Your Luggage And A Dictionary: 10 Names Of Famous Holiday Destinations You Might Be Mispronouncing

Pack Your Luggage And A Dictionary: 10 Names Of Famous Holiday Destinations You Might Be Mispronouncing

We have all mispronounced something at some point in our lives. From fashion brands to common food names, we all have been there. While it is not a cardinal sin, it's always better to be equipped with the right information...especially if you're planning to visit a country with a tricky name. 

To save you from turning red hot in the face the next time you say 'Green-WITCH' instead of 'Gren-ITCH', here is a handy list of 10 famous holiday destinations that you have probably been mispronouncing:

1. Melbourne, Australia

1 melbourne

You Probably Say: Mel-born or Mel-burn

Correct Pronunciation: Mel-buhne

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

2 edinburgh

You Probably Say: E-din-bur-gh

Correct Pronunciation: Ed-in-burra

3. Ibiza, Spain

3 ibiza

You Probably Say: E-bee-za

Correct Pronunciation: Ibi-tha

4. Louvre, France

4 louvre

You Probably Say: Loo-vray

Correct Pronunciation: Loo-vruh

5. Cannes, France

5 cannes

You Probably Say: Kaa-nz

Correct Pronunciation: Kan

6. Worcester, Massachusetts

6 worcester

You Probably Say: Wor-chest-er

Correct Pronunciation: Woo-ster

7. Phuket, Thailand

7 phuket

You Probably Say: Foo-ket

Correct Pronunciation: Poo-ket (with slightly more emphasis on P in the 'Ph')

8. Versailles, France

8 versailles

You Probably Say: ver-sails or ver-say-les

Correct Pronunciation: ver-sigh

9. Seychelles, East Africa

9 seychelles

You Probably Say: Say-chilis

Correct Pronunciation: Say-shells

10. Qatar, Middle East

10 qatar

You Probably Say: Kat-aar

Correct Pronunciation: Kuh-ter

We hope this helped brush up. Now carry on with your crazy expeditions, you adventurous globetrotters!

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