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These Gifts For Your Little Nieces And Nephews Will Make You The *Coolest* Aunt Ever!

These Gifts For Your Little Nieces And Nephews Will Make You The *Coolest* Aunt Ever!

It's easy to make adults happy, but pleasing a child? Now that's tough! If you've got nieces and nephews, I'm sure you can relate to the struggle--one day they LOVE their new toy and don't go anywhere without it, and the next day they never want to look at it again. So, if you want to earn the tag of 'Coolest Aunt EVER', you need to find gifts that your nieces, nephews or your best friend's kid will love. Have no idea what to buy? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

1. Pokemon Pyjamas


It's a truth universally acknowledged that children LOVE Pokemon. So let them take their favourite Pokemon buddies to bed with this adorable nightsuit set.

Price: Rs 999. Buy it here

2. Tiny But Dangerous Fanny Pack


Your niece may not be 'big' enough to carry her own grown-up purse yet, but that doesn't mean she can't carry a bag at all. This adorable Powerpuff Girls-themed fanny back will make her feel like the tiny badass she is!

Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here

3. Disney Bowling Set


Combine your niece or nephew's love for two of their favourite things--Disney and bowling--with this bowling set. Plus, getting them involved in physical activity will improve their motor skills as well as tire them out. Win-win!

Price: Rs 359. Buy it here

4. Penguin Wall Clock


Teach your tiny ones how to tell the time with this cute-as-a-button penguin wall clock--it'll be educational AND adorable! It is also the perfect decor item for a kiddy room. 

Price: Rs 999. Buy it here

5. Adjustable Toy Mike

mike for kids %281%29

These future pop-stars need plenty of practice, and this adjustable toy mike will let them have all the fun! So play some karaoke music and let them sing their heart out!

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here

6. Sliceable Fruits And Veggies


Everyone should know how to cook! So start their kitchen training early by letting them cut through these fake fruits and veggies. It'll be a fun activity to keep the kids engaged, while giving them ample practice for when they begin to chop the real stuff!

Price: Rs 289. Buy it here

7. Splash Pool


Summers are upon us and how! Let your little nieces and nephews cool off in this at-home, inflatable splash pool. They'll be a drenched and happy bunch. If you have a furry friend at home, they can join in on the fun!

Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here

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