Everything You Need To Know About A Bunion, Its Symptoms And Bunion Correctors

Everything You Need To Know About A Bunion, Its Symptoms And Bunion Correctors

Before I tell you what bunion correctors are, you must first know what are bunions. The medical term for it is hallux valgus. It's basically a bone deformity that forms on the joint at the beginning of your big toe. They usually take time to develop and worsen with age. Women who wear high heels often are at risk of developing a bunion because of the constant pressure on the foot. Bunions can sometimes also be hereditary and you can even get one through a medical condition such as rheumatoid arthritis.   

Signs Of Bunions

About Bunion Correctors


Signs & Symptoms of Bunions 

types of bunions

1. You feel that the area around your big toe joint has started to become red and sore. You also experience swelling and tenderness. 

2. They look like an angular, bony bump that usually pushes against the toe next to it. Pain and stiffness are part of the package. 

3. Even the slightest pressure put on the foot causes you to scream in pain. Sometimes, the pain is temporary and sometimes, constantly there. You may have to undergo bunion surgery if the pain gets unbearable. 

4. Because of the stiffness, you're sometimes unable to move your foot or feel your toes. 

5. You usually spot corns and calluses on the big toe and the one next to it. 

Everything You Need To Know About Bunion Correctors

If you want to undergo surgery for your bunion, you might want to invest in a bunion corrector. They're affordable and can be bought at any e-commerce website or chemist. The main purpose of a bunion corrector is that it's used to realign the metatarsophalangeal aka MTP joint, relieve pain and help to distribute pain evenly. Bunion correctors don't just come in one type, there are many. Let's check them out!

Bunion Sleeves

bunion sleeve

Bunion sleeves cover almost half the area of your foot. The best part is that they're lightweight and comfortable. If you're wearing a closed pair of shoes, bunion sleeves are a great option. They will protect your feet, realign your big toe, improve your balance and prevent the situation from getting worse.  

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This product comes only in one size and fits all foot sizes. The material is stretchable and comes with an affordable price tag. Not to mention, it's extremely comfortable to wear and super long lasting. These are to be worn with your closed pair of shoes or high heels. 

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Bunion Pads

toe corrector

They're tinier than sleeves and are placed right under the bunion. They protect your skin and bunion from getting scraped or pressed against the shoe fabric. They're either made from felt, gel or moleskin. If you go with bunion pads, make sure that your footwear is spacious and comfy. If your shoes are tight, you could experience more pain.  

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This one too comes in one size and is made from a soft gel-like silicone texture. The beauty about using this product is that it helps the big toe to realign to its natural position, prevents corns and calluses from forming and lessens pain. Since the material for this product is soft and thick, your feet will be protected if you bump or bang into something hard like a wall or a door. 

Toe Separators

toe separator

The toe separator helps push the big toe back to its original place. Nowadays, toe separators are incorporated into the designs of bunion sleeves and pads. 

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This one isn't just for your big toe, it's for all your toes! It helps to straighten them out naturally and increase your blood circulation, improve foot strength and reduces tension between the toes. However, because of their bulky design, you might not want to wear these with shoes. You can put them out when you're at home. 


Do bunion correctors work?

Bunion correctors don't cure all your problems completely, they take time to show positive results. They won't be able to undo the damage but will be able to take some of the stress off your feet. 

Are bunions permanent?

Bunions are permanent unless you undergo surgery. If you don't take any precaution, the bunion could worsen with age. A bunion tends to be mild and less painful in the earlier stages and gets worse in the later years.  

Does stretching help bunions?

Yes, it does. It can lessen the pain if you devote 10 minutes from your schedule every day to stretch. If it's too painful for you to stretch, then you could pull your toes and massage your feet till you feel some relief. 

When to wear bunions?

Wear a bunion just before you go to bed so your feet have them on for the entire night. However, once again, don't expect instant results. You have to give this time as it takes a while to see and experience improvement. 

Are bunion correctors safe to use?

Yes, they pretty much are. At first, you might feel slightly difficult to adjust, but with time, you will get used to it. 

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