Thinking About Colouring Your Hair? Here's Everything You Should Know About Demi-Permanent Hair Colour!

Thinking About Colouring Your Hair? Here's Everything You Should Know About Demi-Permanent Hair Colour!

Colouring your hair can be quite overwhelming. The dozens of shades, brands and types of colour that you can choose from can confuse even the smartest of people. If you're a hair colour virgin, your first-time hair colour is always a difficult decision. Will it damage my hair, will the colour last long, how do I care for my hair after colouring - these are all very normal questions.  

There are multiple types of hair colour you can choose from, there's semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent hair colour. That sounds confusing, right? Today, we're going to break down demi-permanent hair colour for you so you can make an informed decision before you head to the salon.  

About Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

Demi-Permanent Hair Products

Everything You Need To Know About Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

With a variety of hair colour trends doing rounds in the market, we bring to you a complete guide on demi-permanent hair colour. Read on to gauge it all!

What Is Demi-Permanent Hair Colour?

hair  colour  demi  semi  permanent hair colour what is it

Demi-permanent hair colour is great if this is your first time colouring your hair and you want to see a visible change in the colour. While this type of hair colour is ammonia-free, it needs to be mixed with some kind of developer that has some amount of peroxide. This is what helps open up your hair shaft and deposit colour onto the hair cuticle. While it doesn't lift or completely alter your actual base hair colour, it adds some amount of dimension. Demi-permanent hair colour is a great choice for someone who wants to alter the colour of their hair while avoiding too much damage and at the same time enhance your natural hair colour. It also works well if you are trying to tone down highlights or correct the overall tone of your hair colour. 

How Long Do The Effects Last?

Typically, demi-permanent hair colour lasts anywhere between 12-24 washes. 

Does It Damage The Hair? 

In comparison to other more permanent hair colour treatments, demi-permanent hair colour causes minimal damage. There is a mild amount of peroxide that's used as a mixer for the colour. This is what allows it to deposit colour onto your hair. Because the mild amount of peroxide opens up the hair cuticle, there are chances that your hair might get damaged. Frizzy, or dry and brittle hair might be an end result of the treatment if done incorrectly. 

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Will Demi-Permanent Hair Colour Lighten My Hair? 

hair  colour  demi  semi  permanent hair colour will it lighten my hair

No. Demi-permanent hair colour, however, doesn't really have any effect on lightening the hair. It's not going to help you get your hair a few shades lighter. For lightening your hair, you would need semi-permanent type hair colours. Demi-permanent colouring focuses on darkening the hair. It won't completely get rid of grey hair but instead, it blends in with your grey hair making them less noticeable and making them appear highlighted. 

What Is The Difference Between Semi-Permanent And Demi-Permanent Hair Colour?

The very first differentiator among the two treatments is the way they colour your hair. 

Semi-permanent hair colour uses no ammonia, no developer so it does not have the ability to deposit colour. It does not alter the colour of your hair drastically so this is a great treatment to opt for if it's your first time colouring your hair. Semi-permanent hair colour coats every strand of your hair with colour, therefore, it's often referred to as a wash of colour. It only stains the hair while demi-permanent deposits colour into the hair. Because of the lack of ammonia and developer being used, it also causes the least amount of damage. This treatment is however temporary and the colour will wash off in about 12 washes. Semi-permanent colour doesn't have a great impact if covering grey hair is your primary objective. 

Demi-permanent hair colour deposits colour into the hair cuticle and alters the colour of your hair. It also lasts longer in comparison to semi-permanent hair colour. It may cause a little damage because of the developer being used. 

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The Perfect After-Colour Care 

If you're wondering how to care for your hair after using demi-permanent hair colour, the process remains the same. To avoid your colour from fading too soon, use a mild colour-protect shampoo or a sulphate-free shampoo. These are milder on the hair in comparison to regular shampoos and won't strip the colour too quickly. Always condition your hair to avoid frizz and hair damage. Avoid oiling your hair when you have coloured it as you will need to shampoo your hair a few times and rub rigorously to wash off the oil. This can strip your hair colour faster!

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How To Remove Demi-Permanent Hair Colour From Your Hair?

Got a little carried away with your choice of hair colour? Maybe you're bored of being a redhead. Don't fret. You don't have to spend months waiting for your colour to fade away. Demi-permanent type of hair colour is pretty easy to wash off. All you need is a clarifying shampoo or a potent anti-dandruff shampoo to do the trick. If you want to fade your colour overnight, use either one of these shampoos a few times a day. But keep in mind that they will really dry out your hair. So ensure that you put on a deep conditioning mask at night before bed. If you don't mind waiting a few days, we recommend you wash your hair every day for about a week with a clarifying shampoo. And don't forget to deep condition and apply a moisturising serum after you wash! 

Demi-Permanent Hair Colour Brands In India

Now that you know everything you needed to know about the process of demi-permanent hair colour, if you would like to give it a shot, we've found you some brands that make best demi-permanent hair colour. If you're familiar with colouring your own hair, you can give it a shot. 

1. Clairol Colorgloss Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2N Dark Natural Brown


hair  colour  demi  semi  permanent hair colour  clariol

Buy it here

Price: Rs 3,935

If you're looking to add a little bit of shine and gloss to your hair along with colour, this Clairol hair colour is a good option. It's dark brown hair colour that will give your hair with a gorgeous glossy sheen. 


  • Adds a glossy sheen to your hair

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Travel-friendly packaging

  • Ammonia-free

  • 21 shades to choose from


  • Doesn't completely cover greys, provides only 30% coverage

2. Wella Touch Multidimensional Demi-Permanent Hair Color 

hair  colour  demi  semi  permanent hair colour  wella colour touch

Buy it here

Price: Rs 1,999

Wella has a lot of options if you want to use a demi-permanent hair colour. It's a great choice if you prefer a more natural-looking tint of colour to your hair. Use a colour that's one or two shades lighter than your natural hair colour to give your hair a gorgeous multi-dimensional sheen. 


  • Lots of colour options

  • Looks very natural on the hair

  • Ammonia-free

  • Enhances the colour of hair by 57%


  • Doesn't completely cover greys

3. Wella Color Charm Demi Permanent Haircolor 3 N (3/0) Dark Natural Brown 

hair  colour  demi  semi  permanent hair colour  wella colour charm

This is a long lasting hair colour that has no ammonia and covers grey without taking away any lustre from your hair! It's affordable and perfect enough for regular usage.  

Buy it here

Price: Rs 1,210


  • Long-lasting

  • Tones existing hair colour

  • Ammonia-free

  • Adds colour and shine

  • Pleasing floral fragrance

  • Great coverage for grey hair


  • Availability might be an issue

  • Runny consistency might make the application a little hard 

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4. N'rage Brilliant Demi Permanente Hair Color, Twisted Teal 

hair  colour  demi  semi  permanent hair colour  n rage

Buy it here

Price: Rs 1,858

Want to go bold? Why not go green with your hair? This beautiful teal green is sure to stand out and make a few heads turn. And with the benefits of demi-permanent hair colour, it will wash off in a few washes! So if you're in the mood for some colour, this is a great temporary choice. 


  • Great for adding a pop of colour to the hair

  • Processes easily

  • Vibrant colour pay off

  • Lasts for as long as 3-6 weeks

  • Contains Keratin complex to soften hair and add shine 


  • Very pigmented

  • Not suitable for people looking for a light wash of colour

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5. Matrix Color Sync 10G Demi-Permanent Hair Color

demi-permanent-hair-colour-matrix 1

Buy it here

Price: Rs 2,310

Matrix is another renowned brand that makes great hair colours. This particular Matrix hair colour is demi-permanent and perfect for use. It's economical because you can get two uses out of it. The developer and the colour need to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio. This is ammonia-free and gives your hair a rich tone and sheen. 


  • Affordable

  • Can be used twice

  • Ammonia-free

  • Contains cera-oil complex to nourish hair


  • Not easily available

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