6 Best Khau Gallis In Mumbai You HAVE To Check Out For The Yummiest Street Food

6 Best Khau Gallis In Mumbai You HAVE To Check Out For The Yummiest Street Food

If there's one thing that Mumbai can boast of, it's the street food. From vada pavs and pav bhaaji to bhel and sev puri, there is something for everyone here. There are, of course, a lot of places where you can go to eat gourmet food but there's something special about gorging on street food. So for all you Mumbaikers or even those of you who are travelling to Mumbai here are 6 of the best khau gallis that the city has to offer.

1. Carter Road Khau Galli

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If a beach view is what you're looking for then Carter road is where you should be. The cool breeze, the chilled vibe, a promenade to relax and chit chat and some great food are what you can expect at Carter road. The main attraction is the shawarmas from Cater's Blue. There are also great places for momos, street Chinese, Mediterranean cuisines, desserts and of course, coffee! If you're feeling like heading for a drink there's also Cater Road Social overlooking the sea so you can definitely check that out.

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2. Mohammed Ali Road Khau Galli

Meat lovers, this place is for you. The Khau Galli at Mohammed Ali Road has a huge number of options for foodies. Spicy tikkas, fluffy naans, kebabs and delicious malpuas, there is something for everyone. Running alongside Minara Masjid, the Mughlai food is unlike any other. You have to check out Suleiman Bakery for the best phirni, Noor Mohammedi Hotel and Bademiyan when you go there.

3. Ghatkopar Khau Galli

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For all you vegetarians, the Khau Gali in Ghatkopar is a gastronomical paradise. The dish that makes everyone go gaga is the remix dosa which is basically a twist on your regular dosa. If South Indian cuisine is your favourite, you'll go crazy here. The places to look out for are Jinny Dosa and Sai Swad Dosa. They even serve an ice cream dosa, guys!

4. Tardeo Khau Galli

Office peeps who want to grab a quick bite can come here and stuff themselves with delicious delicacies. Don't miss out on the puri bhaji here and the South Indian lunch thali. For people who love their meats, there's always mutton biryani to save the day. Hog at Sardar's Pav Bhaji and you'll know what a true food coma feels like.

5. Mahim Khau Galli

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Mahim Khau Galli is a great street food hub and everyone seems to love it, locals and tourists alike. The mouth-watering non-veg fare is great, it has some delicious tandoori chicken and a whole lot of chicken and veggies tossed together. The falooda too is irresistible, so keep some place for dessert! The best places around Mahim are Hussain Khichdawala and Garib Nawaz.

6. SNDT Khau Galli

From college students to office goers, SNDT kahu galli is one of the best places to go for a late night bite. There's Manchurian rice, Frankie, Pav Bhaji and lots more that you can get here. There are tons of non-vegetarian options too. Think curry and chappatis if you're looking for a quick fix meal. 

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