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Heading To Pondicherry? These 9 Amazing Eateries Will Make Your Taste Buds Jump For Joy!

Heading To Pondicherry? These 9 Amazing Eateries Will Make Your Taste Buds Jump For Joy!

Pondicherry or Puducherry is a quaint little town on the shimmering coastline of Bay of Bengal which is every bit gorgeous and surreal as a fusion of France and South India could be. Apart from its breathtaking, architectural beauty, exotic climate and charming beaches, it's finger-licking dishes will compel you to stay here forever. Or (at least) extend your trip for a while longer!

The Pondicherry cuisine is a rich, multi-cultural amalgamation of French, Portuguese and South Indian flavours that'll hit all the right chords to satisfy your palate. But if you're wondering where to head for all your gastronomic cravings, we've got you covered. From traditional, South Indian seafood and dosas to French quiches and croissants, these 9 eateries in Pondicherry will serve the best food from A-Z!

1. Le Dupleix


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Located in the heart of Pondicherry, Le Dupleix is one of the prettiest, most popular restaurants. It's perfect for family lunches and romantic dates. Their vintage-style decor with wood-panelled indoor seating or a lovely, courtyard seating under a canopy/mango tree creates exactly the kind of ambience one craves. Their menu serves a wide range of Tamil-French cuisine out of which their must-try dishes include a warm and buttery, Prawn Risotto and Rasam Aux Crevettes, a coconut-based, shrimp soup with curry leaves and spices.

Location: 5, Caseme Street, White Town, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 0413 2226001

2. Hotel Surguru


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Craving for some good ol' idli-sambhar breakfast or a South Indian thali that reminds you of home? Well, Hotel Surguru answers all your prayers! You can binge all you want as their serving quantities are always a little *extra* and their flavours, totally on point. You can also find a great variety of dosas such as Ghee Roast Dosa or Soybean Dosai with coconut and tomato chutneys. Their budget-friendly prices keep them in popular demand and super crowded throughout the day.

Location: 104, Sardar Vallabhai Patel Salai, Near Aurobindo Ashram, Heritage Town, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 0413 2339022, 0413 2227290

3. Carte Blanche, Hotel De L'Orient


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Carte Blanche is one such restaurant you can never visit just once. It's courtyard that oozes French charm, just pull up a chair and read a book while enjoying the lovely weather. Order some filter coffee and choose from their mouth-watering range of 'creole' cuisine i.e. a fusion of French and South Indian flavours. Try their Traditional Pondicherry White Chicken Curry or a Sand Lobster and you'll want to spend the rest of your days in blissful solitude here.

Location: 17, Romain Rolland Street, White Town, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 0413 2650200

4. New Farm Fresh Pizzeria


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New Farm Fresh Pizzeria is exactly how the name sounds - farm-fresh with authentic, Italian ingredients. As one of the most sought-after pizza places in town, it's famous for its truckloads of delicious toppings and a generous amount of cheese. Every time you take a bite, you can hear the sound of its 'crispy and crunchy' crust with a burst of flavours in your mouth. Wondering what makes them so unique? Well, it's their traditional, brick-oven methods which make them so undeniably, 'pizza-licious' all the time!

Location: 41, Saint Louis Street, White Town, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 0413 2220500

5. Villa Shanti


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If you want to enjoy lunching in a zen-like calmness with a breathtaking, garden view, then Villa Shanti will be perfect for you. Each dish at this spectacular little restaurant has an unimaginable variety of flavours, continental infusions and exotic taste that will transport you to a land of deliciousness. Their most popular dishes include Tandoori Chicken, cooked with oranges, ginger and white wine and a Parsi, Patrani Lobster. If you've got a sweet tooth, their chocolate and almond cake is a must-try!

Location: 14 Rue, Suffren Street, White Town, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 0413 4200028

6. Appachi Chettinad


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With it's thatched, roof-top views and a rustic, southern ambience, this restaurant is considered as a 'mini Tamil Nadu'. Not only is its cuisine perfect enough to satisfy your instant South-Indian food cravings but brings out the truest flavours of all Chettinad (a district in Tamil Nadu) dishes that make you want to try each one. Their most loved dishes are Dum Biryani and Nethili Podi Varuval which is basically, a dish of buttery anchovies and spicy, dry-fried chicken with chutney.

Location: 11, Ranga Pillai Street, MG Road Area, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 0413 2220613

7. Cafe Des Arts


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If you wish to indulge in a scrumptious little European meal, no other cafe can satiate your palate in the same way as Cafe De Arts. While it's artsy decor and French interiors give you the much-needed charm of the colonial heritage, its in-house boutique for quirky and colourful apparel, a bookshelf for bibliophiles and vintage cameras make the ambience even more inviting. Their delectable, Scrambled Eggs with Toast or Bacon and Cheese Crepe will certainly make your day.

Location: 10, Suffren Street, White Town, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 9994481914

8. Crepe In Touch


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This cute little French cafe has been everyone's favourite for years. While the quirky and colourful interiors are a delight for the eyes, it's mouth-watering, range of signature crepes, infused with French and Indian flavours will leave you craving for more. Whether it's early in the morning or around midnight, just one crispy crepe with a chilled, fruit smoothie is enough to satiate your palate. The bestsellers like Chicken Masala Crepe, Smoked Fish Crepe and Buckwheat Savoury Crepe are always in popular demand along with a Ratatouille Cheese Quiche.

Location: 29, Needarajapayar Street, MG Road Area, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 9787810756

9. Baker Street


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Baker Street is that one dessert heaven you should NOT miss out on. Just one visit to this French Pattisiere will keep you addicted to its lip-smacking confectioneries for your entire stay. Serving the most divine range of oven-fresh quiches, croissants, brioches, crepes and desserts, it makes you relish the flavours of French delicacies in budget-friendly prices. Its Baked Cheesecakes, Chocolate Escargots, Twister Chocolate Croissants, Eclair Cakes, Lemon Sorbets and Mille Feuilles (layered puff pastries with custard cream and fruit toppings) are to die for.

Location: 123, Bussy Street, Near Clock Tower, MG Road Area, Puducherry - 605001

Contact: 9944850001

Drooling much? Plan your next trip to this spectacular French town already!

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