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8 Awkward Dilemmas All Indian Brides Face Before The Wedding - Solved!

8 Awkward Dilemmas All Indian Brides Face Before The Wedding - Solved!

As much as we believe that every bride is unique in herself, we also believe that all bridal problems are the same. Every bride is undecided on whether to buy the lehenga first or the jewellery. She will take countless makeup trials before settling down for that one perfect look. The thought of choosing the wrong neckline will give her nightmares.

If you thought choosing the right life partner was the toughest decision of your life, well.. then welcome to the bride's world! Once the wedding date is fixed and the invites are sent, starts the real struggle. You can, however, save yourself from all the chaos and come out sane after the celebrations are over. We're going to tell you exactly what you can do if you find yourself stuck in the middle of these common dilemmas.

“I Want A Big Fat Wedding But He Wants To Keep It Intimate”


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Unless you are adamant on draining your (and your parents’) savings on something that is totally inconsequential, go for an intimate and close-knit celebration. You don’t have to splurge on a grand wedding venue, decor and gifts just because everyone else is doing it and because what’s an Indian wedding if you haven’t saved for it?! Instead, use the money to plan a trip for you and your partner to the Greek Cyclades because travelling will give you memories and experiences. Plus, there will be no relatives complaining about the food!

“He Wants To See My Wedding Lehenga Before The D-Day”


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Your dadi or nani may tell you that showing your wedding dress to your fiance before the wedding day will bring bad luck. But this is as true as saying that finding a white hair on a black cat brings good luck. Your wedding lehenga will perhaps be the most expensive outfit you will ever buy. Do you want to spend big bucks on something that your partner doesn’t like? Consult him, because his opinion matters too. Also, if you have a say in his sherwani, he deserves an advanced screening of the main show too! Don’t worry about killing the excitement for him because, with your hair and makeup done on your D-Day, you will look like the best version of yourself.

“My Mother-In-Law Wants To Come Shaadi Shopping With Me”


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It’s so sweet of your MIL to be super-enthusiastic about the shaadi shopping. But this is a problem if you have totally different tastes. You don’t want to be rude but you also don’t want to choose something that you don’t approve of because well..modesty. So to have the cake and eat it too, do your research first. Take her to the stores that you know sell your kind of stuff. You can also show her pictures of the styles you like in advance so that she has an idea of your taste.

“My Fiance Is Not Helping Me With The Wedding Planning”


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He might be spending weekends binge-watching Netflix instead of booking the decorators but that doesn’t mean that he is not interested in the wedding. Chances are that he feels more comfortable leaving the planning to you. Or he might just have cold feet! To make him more involved, assign him tasks that he likes to do or tasks that are his strengths. If he’s good at money managing, ask him to prepare a budget and keep a track of the expenses. If he is good at negotiating prices, make him talk to the vendors. Give him total control over whatever it is that he is doing and don’t forget to appreciate him for accomplishing the task.

“Should I Go On Honeymoon Right After The Wedding Or Wait?”


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Honey, the biggest reason you may want to postpone your honeymoon is money. The wedding is already costing a fortune and you don’t want to splurge on an exotic vacation right away. You don’t have to plan a honeymoon cruise in Maldives or a 5-star getaway at a lavish resort in the Fiji Island. Look for breathtaking options around you that fall right within your budget. Think Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bhutan or even Munnar back at home for a gorgeous yet budgeted honeymoon.

“I Don’t Want To Invite My Toxic Aunt To The Wedding”


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It’s okay to not invite a family member who you fear can hamper the fun of the event. Remember, it’s your day. It’s about you and the people who love you. However, if you have no alternative but to invite the toxic relative under family pressure, ask a friend to keep a watch on them. It is also important to communicate with your partner about your relationship and past experiences with that family member. Two heads are always better than one!

“Should I Buy My Wedding Lehenga Or Rent It?”


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Both buying and renting come with their own share of pros and cons. But unless you are planning to reuse the lehenga in the future or you want to keep it as a memory of our special day, consider renting as the first choice. You can even rent a kareena wala designer lehenga at affordable prices! Also, renting saves you the pain of hopping from one store to another for months in search of one great piece.

“Should I Change Outfits Between Functions On My Wedding Day?”


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Avoid. Because not everyone is a Sonam Kapoor Ahuja who can change 4 outfits in 12 hours on her wedding day! Stick to one outfit, preferably the wedding lehenga. After spending two months’ salary on that outfit you probably want to flaunt it a little longer?! If there’s very little breathing time between the pheras and the reception, try avoiding the whole change-the-outfit fiasco.

You have waited for so long for this day. Don’t let stupid thoughts and silly problems spoil the fun for you. Take a breath, smile and enjoy the wedding planning. Trust me, you are going to create so many great memories during this time.

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