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Tired Of Adulting? We've Found You 8 Adorable Products That Just Scream Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji!

Tired Of Adulting? We've Found You 8 Adorable Products That Just Scream Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji!

There comes a point in all our lives when we begin to feel like time has started to slip away. You've graduated from college, you have a job, responsibilities, bills to pay, an EMI and you get shit done! Adulting is hard, we get it and we 100% support you, if ever so often, you feel the need to do something hatke. Because after all, dil to baccha hai ji! Life is no fun if it's all work and no play. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, surrounded by monotony - it's time to add a spark of joy back into your life. We've found you some really cute essentials from home decor to tech accessories that will make you feel like a child again, even if only momentarily. Add these adorable pieces to your daily life and watch them spark joy.

1. Bubbles Backpack 


Every 90's kid knows, loves and relates to the Powerpuff Girls. We're all a little sugar, spice and everything nice. This backpack is perfectly sized to house all of your daily essentials and we think it's the perfect accessory to add spice to your pantsuit! 

Price: Rs 1,799

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2. Music CD Coasters


Remember the good old days when your CD player was the single most important accessory in your life? Wasn't it a great life, plugging in your headphones and slipping into your happy place? These music CD coasters are perfect for the music fiend. Spread them out across your home and even on your work desk. It will always remind you that when life gets tough, take a breather -just plug in and hit play. 

Price: Rs 599

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3. Wired Retro Handset

Wired Retro Handset-accessories-child-home-decor

Find yourself always on the phone? This quirky handset will definitely remind you of the good ol' days when you waited for hours by the landline for your crush to call. Just plug it into any phone, laptop or tablet and get chatty. The best part? It blocks out 90% of the radiation that comes out of mobile devices. You can look cute, get chatty and prolong your life all at the same time! 

Price: Rs 499

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4. Unicorn Mug


Unicorns don't have to be mythical creatures just because you're an adult now. We could all use a little bit of glitter dust to take our problems away. And what's better than a hot cuppa' chai or coffee to give you an instant pick me up? This unicorn mug is the perfect way to transport yourself into la-la-land. 

Price: Rs 849

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5. Sarcasm Tote Bag


Just because you're an adult now, grocery shopping doesn't have to be a snooze. This bright and bubbly tote will make you look forward to completing your weekly chores, in style - while shutting up all those nosy aunties. It's a win-win, we say! 

Price: Rs 599

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6. Bunny Eye Mask


We live a really fast-paced life and no amount of snooze seems to cut it. Taking a nap is no longer as easy as brushing your teeth, drinking your milk and going to bed. This bunny eye mask is perfect for the person who always needs a little more sleep. Put it on, slip in your headphones, play some relaxing music and take a power nap wherever you are! 

Price: Rs 250

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7. A stuffed toy


Remember when you were a kid and there was one plush toy you'd never leave home without? Or perhaps you never slept without? This Pikachu stuffed toy makes the perfect bed pillow. You're never too old to have a stuffed friend, right? 

Price: Rs 499

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8. Pictionary


A game like Pictionary - The Game of Quick Draw never gets old. It was one of our favourites growing up, and it still can be. You don't have to be a child or know children to play board games. You know what makes those old-school dinner parties more fun? A healthy dose of competition! Check out games like Pictionary, Monopoly and Uno.

Price: Rs 645

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