6 Annoying Period Problems And Their Instant Fixes!

6 Annoying Period Problems And Their Instant Fixes!

If you’re reading this, you KNOW the red monster seriously well. We aren’t strangers to the immense pain and discomfort that comes with your uterus shedding its walls every month. It has been said before, but this situation begs to be repeated, Menstruation IS Difficult! It is your body being mad at you for not producing your baby but it is also your body ridding itself of toxins. It is a painful cleanse, and we know it sounds contradictory but it is what it is. Now that we are all in this together, here are a few period issues and how we deal with them! Hope it helps.

1. Oh boy, those cramps!

There are times when I think periods wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel like your insides were twisting around each other like they’re in a washer dryer. The easiest remedy for this is heat. Use a hot water bag on your belly area for instant relief. You could even fill up a sock with rice and heat it up in the microwave as a DIY hot bag. Trust me, this works wonders, INSTANTLY!

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2. Feeling bloated, are we?

It is bad enough your insides are ripping itself apart, you also can’t fit into your pants. I mean, how are you supposed to function? I am sure this drives you up the wall (or to a bowl of ice cream, you know what I mean) too. If this is happening then you immediately start keeping tabs on your salt and alcohol intake. Also, avoid excess consumption if you can. Also during those 5 days, try and get some omega-3 fatty acids into your system. Chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts are your best bet.

3. And those evil pimples...

During this time you end up shining like a disco ball, and definitely not in a dewy-glowy-beauty guru way. Your hormone fluctuation causes your skin to release more oil and sebum which of course results in breakouts. Your first instinct here would be to use a heavy oil removing cleanser followed by an oil-control moisturiser. Well, don’t! While you need to get rid of the excess oils you don’t want to completely strip your skin dry. Just keep some blotting paper on hand and blot the excess oil off and do not skip toner!

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4. The itchy rash...

Your vagina is particularly dry during your periods because of the increased estrogen levels. This coupled with the friction of wearing pads and you can say hello to bumps and rashes. On top of that, warm and stuffy feeling with long use of napkin makes it worse. You NEED to pay attention to the kind of pads that you wear at this point. When we asked the POPxo audience about their period problems, 83% of people agreed that they feel irritated during their periods and 50% agreed that they change their sanitary napkins often. This is why we suggest Sofy COOL that comes with a unique Coolpad technology that gives you a feeling of coolness for an irritation-free period. It keeps that warm stuffy itchy feeling away. Also comes with cool water fragrance to keep you fresh and cool all day long!

5. Peace of mind, where art thou?

Along with the insides, your outside also starts hurting. The most common aches during your cycle are the massive headaches that make it feel like there are a bunch of bulls trampling on your brain. Yes, that! If you are like me and need painkillers to beat the cramps, then it wouldn’t be advisable to take more tablets for the headache. Instead, you can increase your Vitamin C intake and reduce caffeine. We know it’s a herculean task, but this is important!

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6. Stop the flow, tho!

We are no strangers to the constant anxiety that comes with a heavy flow. 36 percent of women want to use napkins that absorb better as per our poll. You’re always worried if you’ve stained or if you sleep a certain way to avoid staining during the night. Well, Sofy’s Cool also has a deep absorbent sheet that absorbs till the last layer and prevents leakage.

We can’t take the discomfort away for good, also, it is inevitable. But trying out these few things will definitely help you. We promise!

And for your period mood, we have a little film that will cheer you up! Watch it to know what we’re talking about.

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