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Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai: 10 Cute Accessories For Your Bestie's Bachelorette!

Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai: 10 Cute Accessories For Your Bestie's Bachelorette!

Pick a venue—check. Buy the booze—check. Get your squad ready—check. The only place where you are still lagging is the decor. If you are planning a perfect bachelorette party for your bride-to-be BFF, you must stock up on certain supplies that promise a fun ambience for you and your girl gang. And this does not only mean buying matching tank tops for team bride (though it’s an absolute staple).

These budget-friendly accessories will have all your bachelorette party needs covered and assure a fun-filled soiree.

A Super *Extra* Party Banner


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Have a hashtag for the upcoming wedding? Go the extra mile and get the hashtag customised on the banner. Alternatively, get something cheeky like this “Last Fling Before The Ring” banner for its endless Instagram possibilities.

POPxo Recommends: Famoby Last Fling Before The Ring Banner (Rs 1,664) available on Amazon.

Peppy Cups And Plates


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Now is the best time to get tipsy with your girl gang. Do it in style with some sassy party cups and plates that go well with the party’s theme and scream OTT.

POPxo Recommends: Bachelorette Metallic Dessert Plates (Rs 399) available on Wanna Party.

Colourful Cushions


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Think boho and pep the scene up with cool cushions flaunting quirky messages. Nothing can brighten a setup more (or make everyone feel at home) than colourful cushions thrown at just the right places.

POPxo Recommends: Home Cushion Cover Set (Rs 1,999) available on POPxo Shop.

Matching Team Bride Tee


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Because there’s no bachelorette party without the girls matching their shirts or tees! Team bride tees also make a great party favour for the bridesmaids. Brownie points for the countless photo memories.

POPxo Recommends: Crazy Prints Women’s Bride Crew T-shirt (Rs 299) available on Amazon.

Team Bride Headband


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If you are not matching your t-shirts, match your headbands. A special “bride” headband for the bride and matching “bridesmaid” headbands for the bride squad. Or how about the classic “I do rew” glasses for the gang?

POPxo Recommends: Partmane Bride-To-Be Headband (Rs 120) available on Amazon.

Photo Booth Props


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If you are doing it right, you will definitely have a photo booth at the party where you and your girls can pose and have some fun. For fab photo booth moments grab some cute props that make you look party-ready in your pictures.

POPxo Recommends: WOBBOX Bachelorette Photo Booth Props (Rs 219) available on Amazon.

Bachelorette Balloons


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Nothing puts the guests in a party mode more than classic decor items like these party balloons. Is there a better Insta-worthy photo backdrop than this?

POPxo Recommends: Party Propz Miss To Mrs Balloon (Rs 349) available on Amazon.

Bachelorette Cake Toppers


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If you are going to have a cake, you must have quirky cake toppers to go with it. These small details can elevate the entire look of your dessert table.

POPxo Recommends: Party Propz Cake Toppers ( Rs 199) available on Amazon.

Wine Bottle Stickers


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Wine bottles look great and all, but adding fun stickers will give them the much-needed par-tay vibes. The party is bound to get a little crazy with those fancy messages of “drunk with love” and “I said yesss”.  

POPxo Recommends: Personalised Wine Bottle Labels (Rs 155) available on Photojaanic.

Cute Cocktail Napkins


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The idea is to make everything scream PARTYYY!!! But in a subtle way. This includes the party napkins too. Your girls will love the attention to details.

POPxo Recommends: Design Design Fancy Company Cocktail Napkins (Rs 1,366) available on Amazon.

Hangover Kits


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Lastly, don’t let a headache kill the previous night’s fun. In a cute pouch, pack all the essentials that can dodge away a hangover. Your girls will thank you for the wet wipes and eye masks.

POPxo Recommends: Hangover Kit (Rs 1,199) available on POPxo Shop.

Whether you are a pro at party planning or need some expert advice, we are sure you can’t agree more on the need for stocking up on these supplies. So check your list and make sure that your BFF has a fun and fab bachelorette party!

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