Pleasure Me, Please: 5 Women Share The Kinkiest Things They've Done In Bed!

Pleasure Me, Please: 5 Women Share The Kinkiest Things They've Done In Bed!

It is amazing when women start exploring their sexuality and the limits of pleasure because it opens up new avenues for them. Sex is always seen as a little taboo by society and anything other than plain, vanilla sex is considered a deviation from normal. But that's exactly where all the fun lies - in experimenting. We recently chanced upon two threads on Quora that talked about the kinkiest things some women had done. Let's just say we were mighty impressed. Not only did they sound super fun and exciting, they also gave us a few ideas on how we could spice up our sex lives!

1. The One With All The Squirting

'So I told him to lay flat face up, I laid on top of him, face up with my head going the opposite direction. He had front row seat to the show. He loved that… and I told him he could use the dildo vaginally and see if he could make me cum. I gave him a challenge and he gladly excepted of course. Well, he did a fucking stellar job! In no time I began to climax intensely…. and something happened that we DID NOT expect. A watery looking liquid started to trickle out of me. He said, babe, I think I made you squirt. I was like no way babe, that happens only in porn. I've never squirted with anyone before. I can't do that! He said I want to make you squirt again.' 

Read the full story on Quora.

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2. The One Who Has Gone All Out

'I’ve been tied up (as I said, fairly common) handcuffed and hogtied on different occasions as well as gagged very often. I’ve explored “daddy kink” roleplay, taking on the role of a young girl. When I was more mentally and emotionally unstable this sort of roleplay did a lot more for me than it does now.'

Read the full story on Quora.

3. The One With No Touch Orgasms

'I have something of a medical condition where I am hypersensitive to touch. I also have a very curious boyfriend who sees me as a very sexy science experiment. He wanted to see if he could make me orgasm without touching me. He tied me down, gently blew on me, whispered in my ear, and succeeded.'

Read the full story on Quora.

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4. The Couple That Risked It All

'I came up with this brilliant idea to use the elevator. I took the elevator to his floor and I was wearing shorts, a bra and a coat over it. As soon as he came, we pushed the emergency stop button and then started making out. He took off my coat and started kissing my neck so passionately, I lost it and I started to grind him. He couldn't take it and pinned me to the wall, with me facing the wall. I was wearing a lace bra and the elevator was all mirrors and he pulled my hands back and held it and squeezed my ass with the other. Then he slid his hand to my clit and fingered me hard. While doing the deed, I accidentally pressed open but luckily nobody was outside!'

Read the full story on Quora.

5. The Woman Who Took Things A Little Far

'I put out an ad and some pictures without showing my face and had 27 clients who paid me for sex. I was pretty nervous about getting caught by the police but nothing bad happened. While most came from the ad, I also dressed up and went to some other hotel lounges and picked up some tricks there too. I had as many as 4 clients per night and had to slow it down later in the week because I was not getting enough sleep. I cleared over $6500 in cash and actually met some really nice guys who just wanted to have some fun. Most of them were married businessmen who were really into a girlfriend experience with a pretty 24-year-old.'

Read the full story on Quora.

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