7 Delhi Women Share: The Hairstylist I Absolutely Trust For A Haircut!

7 Delhi Women Share: The Hairstylist I Absolutely Trust For A Haircut!

Just tell the hairdresser to give you a haircut that suits your face shape and they'll work their magic on your luscious locks. But first, you need a hairstylist who you can actually trust. Once I went to a salon thinking I want Taylor Swift bangs and I came back with an awkward 'Sadhna' cut. It has happened to many of us. And the only way to avoid it is to go for tried and trusted hairstylists. So who are the women of Delhi trusting at the moment with their hair?    

1. Abhilasha Tyagi, Senior Writer, POPxo

1 Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts  - abhilasha tyagi

I normally have a tough time trusting a hairdresser, mostly because of past experiences where my hair has been either ruined or completely changed, and I ended up regretting the thought of said haircut. However, my last visit to ‘Looks’ was really amazing and I am extremely happy with the way things were managed there (and my hair!) After a hectic week, I was unable to book an appointment and simply went to check the place out with a friend, but the staff was super cool about making way in their schedule to accommodate me. Gayatri, the professional who helped me was well-versed in what she was doing and listened patiently to how I wanted to get my hair styled. Couldn’t have asked for anything better, tbh!


Looks Salon

PVR Anupam Saket

6, Community Centre, PVR Saket, Saket

011 4057 4100

2. Akanksha Bhatia, Senior Writer, POPxo

2 Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts  - akanksha bhatia

I met Dev for the first time when I was 18 and just one haircut later, I think I was in love. He made me look completely different while still capturing the essence of who I am as a person. You know that perfect haircut you still dream about years later? Dev was that for me, the perfect flick, bangs that didn’t make me look like a poodle and the change in the sheer volume of my hair!! I didn’t live in Delhi for the longest time, so my first haircut with Dev was during the summer holidays, which over the years became a ritual. Two weeks ago, I got my hair coloured a light brown, and though I was scared of a global, I knew I could trust Dev. After spending years at Looks, he finally got his own unisex salon where he is available by appointment.


Hairbar Salon

Tdi Mall, Ground Floor, Shop no. 12,13 and 17,

New Delhi - 110027

+91 9213161122

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3. Ishita Umre, 31-year-old Dentist

3 Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts - ishita umre

Image Source: Instagram

I go to Reema from 'Elvis and Reema'. She generally colours and Elvis does the haircuts. But I have always gone to her for my cuts. She has honestly come out telling me how she doesn't do cuts too much and is comfortable with colouring but I trust her. Because firstly, she gave me bangs which nobody could ever do. Second, she is honest and friendly. Third, she doesn't push any extra hair treatment on me. And lastly, she gives me discounts without me asking for it. Those discounts are sweet but that's not why I go to her. 


Elvis and Reema

C-201, Opposite gate no. 3 of the M block market,

Greater Kailash 1,

New Delhi - 110048

011 2924 8302

4. Aayushi Pareek, Social Media Coordinator, POPxo

4 Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts - aayushi Pareek

So, I have been going to the same hairdresser for the past 12 years now. Jolly Mehra is the one who gave me my first ‘steps’ haircut ( it was a RAGE back then), fixed the bangs that I had cut impulsively ‘coz I was bored. She is the one who did my brows for the first time and also coloured by hair SIX times. I trust her with my hair like no other ‘coz unlike hair stylists, her motive is never to make money. Never! Even if you wish to go for an expensive hair treatment that will profit her, she will deny to do it as it might damage your hair. She’s that good! Probably one of the sweetest people I’ve met in my life.

And I have sent so many of my friends to her over the years and everyone came out with a big smile on their face. She’s very clear with what will happen if you decide to go forward with a procedure and will also give you tips and tricks on how to take care of it.


Jolly's Beauty Parlour & Hair Designer

F-104, Kanishka LSC,

Samachar Market,

Mayur Vihar Extn.,

Delhi - 110091

+91 89207 92415

5. Srishti Gupta, Deputy Features Editor, POPxo

5 Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts  - srishti gupta

I’m too picky when it comes to who does my hair. I love to experiment with my hair and I get it cut and styled quite often. So I’m always looking for someone I can trust blindly. I did finally find that person when I met Sameer. He’s smart, extremely skilled and most importantly, knows what will work given your hair and face cut. You only have to tell him the final outcome you want and he’ll work his magic on your hair. My hair’s only better after having met him!


Trendy Makeover,

F-90, Lajpat Nagar II,

New Delhi - 110024

011-41436789, 9811146032

6. Tanya Verma, Social Media Manager, POPxo

Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts - tanya verma

I am not very experimental when it comes to styling my hair. I like to stick to certain styles and it’s very hard to please me. I met Nadeem from 'Geetanjali', M-Block Market, GK1 after several trial and error sessions at every other outlet in Delhi. He understood exactly what I needed and what my face cut demanded. Anytime he sees any breakage, or damaged hair, he makes it a point to give me a list of the best tips and tricks and suggests the right product to buy in my budget. These are the reasons I keep going back to him like a boomerang!


Geetanjali Salon: M 19,

M Block Market, Greater Kailash 1,

New Delhi - 110048

011 4103 9280

7. Avika Sood, Public Policy Consultant

Here Are The Hairstylists Women Of Delhi Are Trusting For Gorgeous Haircuts - avika sood

Raashid at 'Looks' is a great hairstylist because he will make you feel comfortable by patiently discussing with you on what kind of haircut you want. Another aspect I love about him is he is absolutely honest and will tell you clearly if he feels something wouldn’t suit you. I love people who call a spade a spade and don’t just agree with the customer to make them happy. 


Looks Salon

Shop No- T1-03,

Ground Floor, One Horizon Center,

Golf Course Road, Sector 43,

Gurugram, Haryana 122002

+91 8700548028

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