16 Weird Restrictions Parents Put On Us That We Can't Question 'Coz Zubaan Ladaa Rahi Hai?

16 Weird Restrictions Parents Put On Us That We Can't Question 'Coz Zubaan Ladaa Rahi Hai?

Our parents love us. They do everything in their power to protect us from the big bad world. We know they mean good but there are times when they put some weird restrictions on us that are backed by no logic whatsoever. These could be things they don't want us to do just because they feel those things are wrong. Read on to know some of the crazy restrictions all our desi parents have put on us and we bet you'll relate to hard.

1. An Unrealistic Curfew

I am no Cinderella, mom!

Weird Restrictions 1

2. No Sleepovers Allowed

Because my friends can get me kidnapped at night?

Weird Restrictions 2

3. Don't Stand In The Balcony

'Coz awaara log do that!

Weird Restrictions 3

4. Don't Talk On The Phone At Night

Good kids don't talk on the phone at night.

Weird Restrictions 4

5. Don't Walk Barefoot

Chappal kahan hai tumhari?

Weird Restrictions 5

6. Don't Wear Ripped Jeans

Why would you pay for fatte hue kapde?

Weird Restrictions 6

7. Don't Go To The Market Alone After Dark

That's when the goons come out for hunting!

Weird Restrictions 7 new

8. Don't Eat Non-Veg On Tuesdays

Hanuman Ji ka din hota hai, beta. Ek hi din ki toh baat hai.

Weird Restrictions 8

9. Don't Cut Your Nails At Night

Keh diya na. Bas, keh diya!

Weird Restrictions 9

10. Don't Wash Your Hair On Tuesdays

Paap chadhega LOL!

Weird Restrictions 10

11. Don't Go Out With Boys

Boys are bad... jaan lo, baat yeh maanlo.

Weird Restrictions 11

12. Beer Is Fine But Not Hard Liquor

Because beer isn't alcohol, right?

Weird Restrictions 12

13. Wash Your Feet Before You Step On The Bed

Your body bed is a temple.

Weird Restrictions 13

14. Don't Watch TV While Eating Food

How will I learn to multitask then?

Weird Restrictions 14

15. No Maggi For Lunch

Have some dhang ka khana instead.

Weird Restrictions 15

16. Don't Eat Fish And Curd Together

You'll get white spots all over your body.

Weird Restrictions 16

Are we right? Or are we right?

GIFs: Giphy

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