Fashionable But Broke? The Ultimate Savings + Shopping Guide No One Ever Told You About!

Fashionable But Broke? The Ultimate Savings + Shopping Guide No One Ever Told You About!

If you are you a serial shopper and someone who has trouble building up the savings in your bank, chances are you are also looking for some shopping tips that might help you in the said department. And you are in luck, for we got some top-notch tricks of the game for you right here! From discount shopping to some sureshot shopping tips that will help you in saving your money, we got you covered! 


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1. Make a list

It may sound a bit ancient, but trust us when we say that making a list goes a long way. If you jot down what you have in mind, chances also are that you will stick to it and avoid going overboard, hence ending up with more savings. 

2. If in doubt, do not shop

More often than once, you will want to indulge in shopping because you are bored or simply want something to do. If you are not completely aware of what you wish for or don't have a clue as to whether you should shop or not, take a break. Watch a movie, spend some time outdoors and collect your thoughts rather than buying something you might regret later. 


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3. Carry only the cash required

Spendthrifts have a sure shot problem when it comes to splurging, and the only way to counter the age-old issue and keep your savings intact is to have a limited supply of cash when you are out shopping. Make a budget for yourself before stepping out and carry the amount of cash you really, really need. In case you are using a card, make sure it has a limit so that you don't go overboard. 


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4. Check for deals online

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that leading online brands offer deals from time to time. And since not spending your hard earned savings is in your best interest, we suggest you take advantage of these saving deals and offers whenever you can. 

5. Cashback

Your favourite shopping word? Ours too! Use the debit card or credit card that offers max cashback, or go the easy way out with apps that nowadays support the concept enormously. Saving whilst shopping? Check!


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6. Shop ahead of the season

Still shopping for your new summer OOTDs when the temperatures begin to shoot up? But that's where you are going wrong! ICYMI, clothes always tend to be cheaper in the previous season. For example, shopping for summer clothes in December or January will fetch you better prices, whilst also giving your wardrobe a headstart. 

7. Try out coupon apps

Some of us do not have the patience to browse best deals online, and that's where coupon apps step in. You can clip, scan and upload coupons online-be it shopping coupons or notifications about the best deals that help you with the savings, it's all in here. Try out GrabOn, CouponDunia or PaisaWapas for gift cards and offers, all available at the Google App Store.


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8. Go discount shopping

If you would rather shop offline, opt for the big fat SALE that will get you all that you need. From fast fashion buys at H&M and Zara to contemporary picks from FabIndia and Good Earth, the discount shopping season with its variety of accessories and outfits is definitely unmissable. In case you change your mind and wish to shop virtually, their online presence allows you to fulfill that too.  

9. Enlist in loyal shopper programs

Many offline stores give you the service of their loyal shoppers program, giving you points you can use as cash in the future. Got a favourite store that you keep returning to no matter what? We suggest you get with the program to enhance your savings!


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10. Avoid impulse buys

We have said it before and we will say it again, avoid shopping just for the heck of it! After all, there is no point if the white dress you bought without any thought just sits in the back of your closet, amirite?! 

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