What Is Skin Fasting? This New Beauty Trend Might Just Save your Skin!

What Is Skin Fasting? This New Beauty Trend Might Just Save your Skin!

Ladies, there's a new beauty trend out there and it's gonna save you ALOT of moolah. It's called 'Skin Fasting' and if it goes viral, it could threaten the whole beauty industry! So what does this strange term mean? Let's find out!

According to a Japanese skincare brand, Mirai Clinical, our skin has an inherent ability to take care of itself when beauty products are out of the picture. Yes, you read right. No beauty products! woman-holding-beauty-products

Come to think of it, taking a break from using sheet masks, serums and creams can actually be a good thing. Not just products, your skincare routine as well. There's no need to follow a strict 10-step skincare routine if you don't notice any major positive changes. As far as your complexion is concerned, the less you do for it, the better. 

You see, not touching your skin with any products gives it a chance to repair itself naturally and produce its own oils. Over-cleansing can strip the skin from its natural oils and ceramides. The moment that happens, expect to deal with dry and rough skin.

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Now, I know, your first move would be to apply lots of moisturiser on your skin to take care of the dryness. However, the effects would be temporary. The permanent solution is pretty simple. Just drink plenty of water and you'll be sorted.


While water flushes out the toxins from your system, it also helps to clear out your skin by reducing the appearances of acne, marks and zits. If you're consistent, it will reward you with a glow too *Wink* Maybe putting your skin on a fast and just letting it be will be your best decision yet!

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