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Wanna Chill? Super Cool Things You Should Totally Do This Weekend in Delhi!

Wanna Chill? Super Cool Things You Should Totally Do This Weekend in Delhi!

The long weekend recently just passed us by and so did the weekends after that. Where is the time going? We don't know. As we approach THIS weekend, we know you would want to go out with your buddies and do something. Most of us are just potatoes at home. Here is our planned itinerary for what you can do in Delhi with your buds or family! You’re welcome!

1. Go for a heritage walk

Delhi is so rich in culture and history, every corner has an uncovered story and tale to tell. Gather a bunch of friends and explore one of these areas, talk to the people, click some amazing pictures. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage that India’s capital has to offer.

2. Head out to Clique with your gal pals!


Might we suggest a super place with a rocking nightlife? Well, Clique in New Delhi JUST revamped their look as of March 29th. We are talking a complete decor and vibe overhaul, making it THE place to be for you and the girls. Apart from the stellar decor and fabulous food, they have some unique things going on instead of the run-of-the-mill sit and have a drink vibe. They have brought to India concepts like Champagne Showdowns and also specifically planned pajama parties. I mean who wouldn’t want to do a night out in their jammies right? It is also the most chill place to go for good music and even better pizza. Basically, this is where you can get it all!

P.s. IF you head out there on a Wednesday with your girl gang, you get free drinks ALL DAY LONG. Yes. Also, the spiderman and minion performers are still pretty much there.

3. Food tour

If you’ve been in Delhi for a while and think you know everything then catch hold of a new friend you’ve recently made. It is just a different experience when you see someone experiencing the sheer euphoria that stems out of taking the first bite of super hot paratha with white butter!

4. Shop till you drop


Seriously, if you know Delhi, you know how many places there are to shop for all kinds of things. Just grab your bestie and visit local markets. Sometimes these teeny tiny hole-in-the-wall shops might surprise you beyond belief. Add a fun vibe to this. Pick a market and then head over there with 1000 INR only. Whoever buys more things within that amount wins. And the loser buys lunch for the winner.

5. Head out to an amusement park or games arena

Rekindle the childhood in you by shooting some paintballs at your bestie or just enjoying some rides and performances at a dream-like amusement park.

Whatever kind of weekend you’re looking for, we have a plan right here for you!

*This is a sponsored post for Clique