A New Study Is Asking People To Sleep Without Their Clothes On & We're Like, Seriously?

A New Study Is Asking People To Sleep Without Their Clothes On & We're Like, Seriously?

Sometimes, even the comfiest of beds, the perfect air-conditioner setting, lavender essential oils or relaxing baths can't help you get the sleep you need. Ever thought this could be happening because you are sleeping wrong? A study proves that all you need for a good night's sleep is actually...nothing!

That's right, sleeping naked is ideal for helping you stay in a deep sleep. According to renowned physiotherapist Sammy Margo, sleeping naked aids with maintaining the perfect body temperature as mentioned in her book The Good Sleep Guide. In an interview with Huffington Post she said, "In order to get a quality's night sleep, you need to be cool. By doing this, you're releasing your sleepy hormone, melatonin."


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Well, how about that?

Our body tends to sleep the best when our bedrooms are between 16-degree Celsius and 18-degree Celsius and to get there, its best to sleep skin-to-sheet. So, ditch your PJs and satin nighties and cotton boxers and whatever you wear to bed 'coz it's time to birthday suit up. Wrap yourself in your cosy partner comforter. And also, socks!


As you sleep, your blood circulation changes and that can leave many waking up in the middle of the night with cold toes. Also, while sleeping, your body has a chance to grow and repair and when that's happening, the blood is focused more centrally - meaning that your extremities become colder. That is why, wearing a pair of socks, preferably woollen or cotton so your feet can breathe, helps stop them from getting so cold that you wake up. Steer clear from cheap, synthetic socks as they can result in sweaty, smelly toes. 

Other than this, here are five more reasons why you should be sleeping naked for real.

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