No Chip Chip: Beat The Heat With These *Lightweight* Cooling Moisturisers This Summer

No Chip Chip: Beat The Heat With These *Lightweight* Cooling Moisturisers This Summer

Summer = humidity, sweat and stickiness. Come summer and the last thing you want to do is apply moisturiser, am I right? If you live in a city with tropical weather, you know the perils of applying anything to your skin on a hot summer's day. You start to sweat immediately and your face is left drenched in tiny little droplets of sweat. It's an icky, sticky situation and a lot of us tend to avoid that feeling by completely neglecting to apply any moisturiser. The end result? Your skin in summer is dry, dehydrated and easily damaged by the sun! We've found you the perfect solution. While there's nothing we can do to bring the soaring temperatures down, these moisturisers will cool down your skin while gently hydrating it. Whether you're looking for face or body moisturisers, we've got 'em all lined up for you. 

Face Creams For Summer 
Body Moisturisers For Summer 

Best Face Creams For Summer

Believe it or not, there are tons of moisturisers in the market that can make you feel as cool as a cucumber, minus the chip chip. Here's a list of the best face creams for summer.

1. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin-Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

This is the ultimate moisturiser for anyone who hates applying a thick, greasy cream on their skin. It has a gel base and contains hyaluronic acid to quench thirsty skin. It feels like you're massaging the water into your skin and hydrates it in a pinch. The end result? Hydrated, happy, glowing skin without the stickiness! SO, you can pick this one of the best cream for summer without giving second thoughts.

Pros: Extremely hydrating and light-weight

Cons: Expensive

Price: Rs 800. Buy it here

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

 best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin NEUTROGENA

This is one of the best moisturizer for summers, especially for people with oily skin. If you want something ultra-light and non-greasy, you will be hooked on to this. It also creates the perfect canvas for makeup, BTW!

Pros: Light-weight and easily absorbed into the skin. 

Cons: Won't be hydrating enough for people with dry skin

Price: Rs 849. Buy it here

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3. Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Visibly Serum

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin BIOTIQUE

If you want a lotion that focuses on brightening, anti-aging and hydrating the skin on your face and body, this is it. It's extremely light and you won't feel it on your skin. It has all-natural ingredients and it's perfect for every season. 

Pros: Non-greasy, affordable, easily available. 

Cons: Absolutely none!

Price: Rs 152 Buy it here

4. Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Mint and Cucumber Face Spray

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin KHADI MIST

Don't want to moisturise? No problem. Use this on-the-go face mist to hydrate and cool your skin while you're jet setting through your day. It will tone, refresh and mildly hydrate your skin leaving absolutely no residue behind. 

Pros: Affordable, easily available

Cons: Won't work for people with very dry skin

Price: Rs 95. Buy it here

5. LOreal Paris UV Perfect Super Aqua Essence SPF 50+ PA++++

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin-LOreal Paris UV Perfect Super Aqua Essence SPF 50

Sunscreen plus moisturiser combined into an ultralight, watery base? Yes, please! We cannot stress how important it is to use sunscreen every day. Especially so in summers when the sun is so bright and harsh. This water-based sunscreen will completely change the way you feel about using SPF! Give it a go.

Pros: Water-like consistency. Fast absorbing and very comfortable to wear. SPF of 50, making it perfect even for vacations.

Cons: Because it's so watery, you mind end up using it faster.

Price: Rs 515. Buy it here 

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Best Body Moisturisers For Summer In India

Nobody likes feeling sweaty and sticky to the touch, especially when temperatures outside are soaring. Here is some best moisturizer for summer in India that will help keep your body temperature down while deeply hydrating your skin!

6. The Face Shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Soothing Gel

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin-The Face Shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Soothing Gel

Soothe, moisturise, calm and heal your skin with this lotus gel. It even soothes sunburn! This giant tub will last you through the entire summer season. Wanna know my favourite trick to de-puff and cool my tired skin after a long day? I store this in the refrigerator! Apply a little bit of this icy cool gel in the morning and watch those puffy eyes fade away. It leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and just perfectly moisturised. 

Pros: Great for summer, can be used on the face and body

Cons: Tub packaging means you have to keep dipping your hands into the tub, might not be as hygienic unless you use a clean spatula or spoon to scoop out the product.

Price: Rs 490. Buy it here

7. Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin-Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion

We all know how great Aloe Vera is to moisturise your body and hair. This body moisturiser combines the best of both worlds, Aloe Vera and Nivea's deep moisture serum. It penetrates deep into your skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and healthy to the touch. The formula is quite light, so definitely no stickiness!

Pros: Lightweight, affordable and easily available.

Cons: Not hydrating enough for very dry skin.

Price: Rs 317. Buy it here

8. VLCC De-Tan Plus White Glow Moisturising Body Lotion SPF 30 PA+++


If you're looking for a body lotion for those hot, sunny summer days this one does it all. It soothes, protects, brightens and moisturises your skin while providing an SPF of 30. It has ingredients like aloe vera to soothe your skin while getting rid of a tan.

Pros: Affordable, has sunscreen, helps with de-tanning and is paraben-free. 

Cons: It is not travel-friendly. 

Price: Rs 282. Buy it here

9. NIVEA Sun Screen, Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Sun Spray SPF 30

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin-NIVEA Sun Screen  Sun Protect   Refresh Invisibile Cooling Sun Spray

If you're going on a summer vacay then this is definitely something you need to toss into your purse. It's a cooling and refreshing spray-on sunscreen that makes the application a dream. It is also water-resistant so if you're planning to be in the water for a while, definitely take this with you. 

Pros: Easy to apply and reapply every 3 hours, travel-friendly packaging. 

Cons: May not be suitable to be used on the face.

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here

Love the idea of spray sunscreens? We do too! Here's a list of other brands that make mist-on sunscreens that you're going to fall in love with!

10. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Yogurt

best-lightweight-summer-moisturiser-face-body-skin-The Body Shop Strawberry Body Yogurt

If The Body Shop's Strawberry line really gets your senses going then this is one body moisturiser you must try. The consistency is like yogurt but it disappears into your skin almost instantly. Your skin feels moisturised without the stickiness and it leaves the irresistible smell of strawberries behind.

Pros: Smells great, very lightweight.

Cons: Tub packaging is not travel-friendly and it might not be very hygienic either. 

Price: Rs 845. Buy it here


1. Do I need to moisturise my skin in summer?

Yes, unfortunately, you do. The heat and humidity in summer mean you will be bathing more frequently and that means you will be stripping your skin of its natural oils more often. This is the number one reason you should hydrate your skin even in summer. If you're stepping out in the harsh sun, your face and body skin is prone to tanning and sun damage. If there is no barrier of moisturiser or sunscreen in between, your skin is going to bear the brunt and eventually - you will see dark spots, sun damage and dehydration. Keeping your skin moisturised and protected from the sun by using lightweight moisturizers and sunscreen is the only way to happy skin! If you want to skip using moisturizer, you should definitely use a lightweight sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage in summers. 

2. What is the best sunscreen to use in summer?

Well, that depends on your skin type. Sunscreen is a product that might not suit everyone. It is known to cause clogged pores and acne for a few people with sensitive skin and that's what makes us all apprehensive about it. Don't worry, we've got you covered. If you have easily aggravated, sensitive skin - Here's a list of dermatologists recommended sunscreens that are perfect for ALL skin types! These won't break you out or clog your pores. 

If you're leaning towards the normal to combination skin types, here's a list of the best affordable sunscreens on the market.

3. What is the best moisturiser for oily skin in summer?

Oily skin is naturally always hydrated, this does not mean you have the liberty to skip using moisturiser. It simply means you should use an oil-free or a gel-based moisturiser like the ones mentioned above. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated without feeling heavy or greasy!

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