Hot And Heavy: 9 Sex Tips That Could Totally Change The Pleasure Game For You

Hot And Heavy: 9 Sex Tips That Could Totally Change The Pleasure Game For You

No matter how much sex you have, it can never get old. If you're having good sex, it can be one of the best feelings in the world. But, the one thing that constantly keeps it good is experimenting. You don't have to necessarily try all new things on your own. There are tried and tested sex tips that have proved to work wonders for couples and may work just as amazingly well for you too! Ready to change your sex game? 

1. Oral Sex Should Be A Priority

Sex isn't all about him hammering you into oblivion. It is a fact that most women haven't (or can't) orgasm with only penetrative sex. Try and have a few nights where you only focus on pleasuring each other with your mouths and do not have any p-to-v contact. During these times, communicate with each other what's working and what's not. Oral sex is a little complicated and you can't expect earth-shattering orgasms from it in one night, so try this out! We recently discovered that the Kivin Method of giving oral can work wonders on women and lead to crazy orgasms. It's simple, all the man has to do in it is flick his tongue side-to-side while giving you head instead of up and down.

2. Cushions Are Multi-Purpose

Who said the only use of cushions is to add a colourful touch to your bedroom? They can take things up a notch in the bed too, literally! All you need to do is add a little height to your pelvic area by putting a few cushions under your bum. This way he'll be hitting your G-spot making you feel things you've never felt before. I've found that for this purpose the Charam Sukh cushions work the best. Not only do they add sass to my bedroom, but they also help me orgasm better!

3. Use Lube

There is this unfounded myth going around that lube is only for old, dry ladies. Girls, you need to get with it, if you haven't already. Lube is the single most magical thing when it comes to sex. Almost half the women find it easier to orgasm with lube and you're not doing anyone a favour by not using it. Sex is amazing when it's all slippery and wet and lube can totally help you with that.

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4. Do It In Front Of A Mirror

I'm just going to say one thing for this - doggy style in front of the mirror. You'll either be looking at each other in the mirror with love or like you want to ravish each other. Both the options are equally pleasurable!

5. Two Is Better Than One

If you can combine two techniques together, why wouldn't you? Oral sex is amazing but think about how much better it would be if you (actually he) added a finger to it. Have him stimulate your G-Spot in a come hither motion as he licks your clitoris and you'll be flying off the bed in no time.

6. Tongue The Tip

The weirdest name that can be given to the tip of the penis has been given to it - Meatus. But do you know how sensitive it is? Apply medium pressure to it with your tongue as you take it in your mouth... It will leave him moaning and begging for more.

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7. Set Up Everything To Make It Better

The power of a romantic setting is underrated. You may feel that it does nothing for your mood but it really does. A dimly lit room with candles, music that turns you on and massage oil to relax you and put you at ease are the ingredients for the best night of your life. From personal experience, I can tell you that Smells Like First Kiss and Always In Love are the best candles for this purpose. 

8. Bring Toys To Bed 

Just because you now have a man to have sex with, it doesn't mean you can't add some toys to the equation. Using a vibrator on your clit as he's getting it on from behind will take you over the edge within minutes and leave you wanting for more every time. 

9. Kiss Everyday

This one is for the couple that might have been stuck in a rut recently, feeling more like platonic roommates than romantic partners. Kiss each other for more than a few seconds each day, add tongue if that's your thing. It'll add the magic back to your relationship instantly and sex will be so much better and intimate.

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