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53 Unique And Romantic Wedding Vows To Take Inspiration From!

53 Unique And Romantic Wedding Vows To Take Inspiration From!

Weddings, where two souls unite to spend their entire lives together, are always special. While you power through all the wedding ceremonies in the presence of the huge list of known and unknown guests, personalized vows exchanged between you and your partner will certainly project your love for each other and make things extra special. If you are looking for wedding vows to recite to your partner on your D-Day but don’t know where to begin, then we’re here to help with some unique wedding vows!

Romantic Wedding Vows To Take Inspiration From

We've created a list of some cute, realistic, funny, and romantic wedding vows from which you can take inspiration from while you compile your own!

1. I vow to love you deeper and deeper with every passing day and to support you, irrespective of your flaws.

2. I vow to listen to all your rants when you have a bad day with complete patience and support you entirely.  

3. I vow to share my meals with you no matter what, even if it’s my favourite: spicy paneer pizza!  Pizza Promise!

4. I vow to keep you company while you watch your favourite web series on Netflix, irrespective of whether they interest me or not.

5. I promise to remain your true and loyal friend first ( BFF!) and then your husband/wife.

6. I promise to take care of all your needs and wait patiently while you shop till you drop. ( even if it takes hours of my time!)

7. I vow to always consider your point of view at times of difficulties before taking any vital decision. Your inputs really matter to me.

8. I vow to make you laugh out loud whenever you are sad and low. I am there for you ALWAYS!

9. I vow to be the keeper of all your secrets irrespective of whether they are small and silly or big and bold!

10. I vow to never bring in any of our past tiffs to the present and create another quarrel out of it.

11. I vow to never let you down no matter what, and will always stand by your side!

12. I vow to support and appreciate all your work (professional and personal) irrespective of the outcome.

13. I vow to taste your food and always *smile* and give *constructive feedback* rather than pulling your leg on how bad it was!

14. I vow to be silly, crazy and insane in all ways possible to enjoy our life together beautifully till the end.  

15. I vow to give you genuine feedback whenever you ask me for my opinion about your outfits. 

16. I vow to love you as you are until the end. I admire your imperfections.

17. I vow to cuddle you whenever you wish I did and  will always keep things interesting and indulgent in bed *wink*

18. I vow to remember all that you say to me: every single detail of your likes and dislikes, including your dreams, food, novels, movies, shopping lists, and everything under the sky. Period!

19. I vow to deeply love your soul and not just the body or your looks.

20. I vow to be friends with all your friends whether I like them or not, whether they are crazy or wise.

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21. I vow to dance with you when you feel like or cook for you when you want me to (though I am not a pro in either!)

22. I promise to go on adventures with you like trekking, night rides, drinks and everything you want to try! Let’s do it.

23. I promise to take you to the best restaurant in the city whenever you have your crazy cravings!

24. I promise that we will go on dates even after the wedding to keep things interesting and fun!

25. I vow to never go to bed without giving you a goodnight kiss.

26. I promise to plan trips with you around the world to places of your interest to indulge your wanderlust. Let's explore together!

27. I vow to understand your interests in football/cricket, and will join in watching matches without mocking at you. 

28. I vow to take care of you whenever you are unwell and nurse you back to health. 

29. I promise not to interfere in your vacay plans with your BFF though I am going to miss you when you are away.

30. I vow that together we both will make one world where our love towards each other will only grow endlessly and unconditionally. Couple goals!

31. I vow to be completely committed in this relationship and to honestly share everything that’s going on in my life.

32. I vow to understand the fact that you might be busy whenever you leave my calls/text messages unanswered.

33. I promise to end any kind of argument before going to bed, to let you sleep peacefully.


34. I vow to understand the fact that every relationship is equal, not one-sided and has to be equally giving and receiving.

35. I promise not to expect too much from you while I  never give anything in return.

36. I promise to give you your space whenever you need it without questioning you.

37.I promise NOT to make you sleep on the couch whenever we have a fight.

38.I promise  NOT to yell at you for no particular reason whenever am completely stressed.

39.I vow to be my genuine and authentic self with you till the end, without any pretensions.

40. I promise to prepare a good cup of coffee for you when you feel so low and lost!

41. I vow to be your partner in crime.

42. I vow to listen to all your gossip, however boring it might be to me.

43. I vow to give you some alone time and would never dig in for details when you are upset and want some space.

44. I promise to NOT to constantly be on my phone and to listen to you whenever you have something to share with me.

45. I vow to never make you jealous or feel left alone under any circumstances as NOTHING is more important to me but YOU!

46. I promise not to switch off my phone or leave the call unattended whenever we have a  fight.

47. I vow to hug you tight after a fight and will never let you remain alone. Because *darling*  you are mine!


48. I vow to never judge you under any circumstances but to understand you even better as an individual with his/her own personality!

49. I promise to respect your point of view over a situation even if it isn't the same way as I look at it.

50. I vow that I will genuinely express my feelings whenever I feel like saying 'I miss you' and 'I love you'!

51. I promise to tap your hidden skills and will help you to be a better person.

52. I promise to learn the required lessons and will constructively try to change myself whenever need be as we step into this new relationship together.

53. I promise to love your soul unconditionally

In case you wanted tips on how to your your own, personalised romantic vows, remember the following points:

  • Never blindly copy-paste from the Internet. Research well but write it on your own.

  • Let it be simple and to the point; directly from your heart! Keep it real, clear and precise.

  • Vows needn't necessarily be in a serious tone. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of fun to them!

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