Dear Jiju, 10 Promises I Want You To Make To Me Before You Marry My Sister!

Dear Jiju, 10 Promises I Want You To Make To Me Before You Marry My Sister!

So your sister is getting married and you have this bittersweet feeling. The feeling when you feel happy and sad at the same time. You are happy that she has finally found the one (and you are going to rule the house once she is gone). At the same time, you are sad because she will no longer be around and you know you are going to miss her more than anything. But there’s another reason to be happy: you will have a brother-in-law to chill with!


As the D-day approaches, there’s so much you want to talk to him and some promises you want him to make to you (besides the promise of showering you with gifts!) Here’s a list of ten of the most important promises that every saali wants to hear from her soon-to-be jiju:

You Will Always Have My Back


Promise me you will have my back at those boring family weddings and awkward parties. You will be my saviour from the dreaded tauji who keeps on yapping about the achievements of his children and the bua whose only goal in life is to propose rishtas for me.

You Will Be The Cooler Version Of An Elder Brother

Not that I love my sister any less, but I have always wondered how living with an elder brother feels like. Now that you are here, promise me you will be an elder brother first and a brother-in-law next. That means a brother sans all the bullying and scolding. In short, I want you to be what Shah Rukh Khan was to Aishwarya Rai in Josh.

You Will Pamper Me Like My Sister


I will be honest, no matter how much she fights with me, but there is hardly anybody in the world who pampers me as much as my elder sister. I am her baby. And now that there’s a man in her life, I am scared deep down that her love and attention may be divided. I want you to love me and pamper me just like my sister so that I never feel her absence. Oh and FYI, my birthday is around the corner and you know what to do, right?!

You Will Lock Up All My Secrets In Your Heart

Promise me that you will listen to all my stories and keep all my secrets safe with you. Especially the ones my sister doesn’t know about. From the crazy stories about my ex-boyfriends and crushes to my secret night outs, there’s a reason why I trust you with my deep dark secrets.

You Will Be The Alibi When I Make A Mistake


It’s not a secret that my parents just won't say no to most of the things you say. I want you to use this to my advantage as much as possible. Promise me you will always protect me from the fury of my parents (and sister) whenever I do something wrong. And I promise you I will always keep you in the loop!

You Will Always Show Up, No Matter What

No matter how big or small the victory is, promise me that you will always be there. Any celebration and accomplishment in my life will be incomplete without you making an appearance. Not just the happy times, promise me that you will always show up even in my bad times. On days when I feel that the world has ended for me, I hope you will comfort me and console me that everything will be alright.

You Will Be My Troubleshooter

You will know very soon how I suck at dealing with the issues of life. Promise me that you will troubleshoot all my problems and help me deal with life situations, whenever I find myself stuck in a mess.

You Will Not Let Me Do Crazy Things, Alone


Whether it is sneaking out from home on a Saturday night or getting wasted for the first time, promise me you won’t let me do crazy stuff alone. Promise me you will make me a third-wheel to all the cool places you go with my sister and all the cool stuff you do together (unless obviously, it’s something private!)

You Will Give Me The Best Life Advice

Promise me that you will be my go-to place for all the life advice. And you will be brutally honest with me. Whether it is about choosing the right college or figuring out if a guy is right for me, you will always give your honest opinion and not comfort me with a lie.

You Will Love My Sister To Eternity


And most importantly, promise me that you will look after my sister for the rest of your life. I agree that it is hard putting up with her at times (I can give you a list of things she does wrong) but promise me that you will always love her no matter how hard it gets. She means the world to me and I am REALLY glad that now there’s someone who loves her as much as I do!

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