You Probably Don't Know The English Names Of These 10 Things That You Find In Your Kitchen!

You Probably Don't Know The English Names Of These 10 Things That You Find In Your Kitchen!

If you're an Indian, there's a very great chance that you speak *at least* two languages. And while being bilingual is certainly a blessing, there are some things that you can only associate with, in one language. Like the fruits and vegetables in your fridge and the masalas in your kitchen. We're so used to saying chikoo and rajma in Hindi, that we never really stopped to consider what they're called in English. Are you curious about finding out? No need to google it, we've done the homework for you. Here are the English names of 12 common food items you *probably* didn't know!

1. Jeera


Cumin Seeds

Okay, I've heard about cumin seeds but had NO idea that they were just good 'ol jeera.

2. Rajma


Red Kidney Beans

'Kidney beans' is NOT the kind of name I expected for my fave dish

3. Heeng



Kinda sounds like the name of a Greek goddess whose life was struck by tragedy, no?

4. Sitaphal


Custard Apple

A combination of two things I love!

5. Amla



A fancy name for a terrible tasting fruit, no? 

6. Mausambi



Okay, this is probably the most accurate name--it's sweet and citrusy!

7. Singhara


Water chestnut

Honestly, this just sounds like the name of an expensive race horse.

8. Chikoo



That does NOT sound like English.

9. Saunf


Fennel seeds

Yep, never heard that one.

10. Ajwain


Carom seeds

I'm reeeally tempted to make a lame carom board joke, but I'm going to spare you.

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