Cowgirl Is The Position You Need To Nail To Get The Best Orgasm!

Cowgirl Is The Position You Need To Nail To Get The Best Orgasm!

By now, we've established that the female body is a little more complicated than the male body. From finding the clitoris to using just the right pressure to hitting the right spot, a woman's body needs to be constantly explored to find just the thing that works for them. In fact, it has been known that most women do not orgasm from penetrative sex. That's why it becomes even more important to find a position that'll help women orgasm and we've found the one that'll do the task - the cowgirl. Read all about this amazing position right here.

What Is The Cowgirl Position?

A classic girl-on-top position, the girl kneels on top with the guy between her thighs straddling him as she slides up and down his thighs. The position gets its name because you're riding him. The best part of the position? The view he gets and the orgasm you get!

4 cowgirl

Why Does It Work So Well?

Most women love this position because it gives them complete control over depth, angle and speed, ensuring clitoral stimulation along with it. The position also allows the penis to hit your G-Spot making it extremely pleasurable. Also, the confidence and control you'll get from the position is a really heady feeling! Add another dimension of pleasure to the mix by having him play with your breasts which he will now have direct access to.

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Tips To Master The Cowgirl 

1. Use All The Support You Can Get

Since you'll be doing most of the work, you'll need a lot of support. Lean forward until your chest is on top of his chest and move as you brace yourself with your arms. This will not only give you a sense of balance, but it will also anchor you so that you can do whatever you want - grind or move up and down. 

2. Lean Back

Once you're a little more confident, lean back as you prop up against his thighs and have your arms behind you for support. The view will drive him out of his mind crazy and it will also give him the chance to play with whatever he wants - the boobs or the clit.

1 cowgirl

3. Turn Things Around

Another great variation of cowgirl is a reverse cowgirl. His view, just like in the previous one, will be unmatched. The whole thing will feel raw, animalist and full of passion because you two are going at it without even seeing each other's face. In this position also you can use your arms for support to help you set the speed.

4. Be A Tease

You're in charge now and use this to your advantage as much as possible. Tease your partner as much as you can to add a fun element to your sex session. Set a speed and then suddenly change it or just take in the tip as he writhes beneath you to enter you.

5. Touch Yourself

As you're going at it, feel free to let your hands slide down. If your boyfriend is concentrating on your boobs, move your hands over your clit to help you orgasm. This position opens up a world of possibilities for you to explore.

2 cowgirl

Images: Shutterstock, Giphy, Tumblr

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