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9 Things That Prove Drunk Girls In Bathrooms Are The BEST!

9 Things That Prove Drunk Girls In Bathrooms Are The BEST!

There's a special bond I share with everyone I meet in the bar of a ladies bathroom. The banter, the compliments, the laughter, it's like I've known them forever. The scared bond is just something no guy is ever going to fully understand. 

So, just as an ode to this unique kind of relationship I thought I'd list down all the reasons I think drunk girls in bathrooms are the best ever. So if you're ever feeling low just head to the bar's washroom post 11:30 and watch the magic!

1. They genuinely care about you

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"Babe you can't pee? It's fine you can leave the door a little open so that I know you'll be fine." 

"You want some water. Gotta stay hydrated." 

This is the kind of conversation you'll hear. They're always looking out for you and trying to help each other in any situation in the washroom.

2. One person's red lipstick is everyone's red lipstick

"OMG! I love that shade of your lipstick, it looks stunning." 

"Really? Thanks! You know it'll really go with your outfit too. Want to try?"


*puts on the brightest shade of red and looks like a hottie*

3. They always ALWAYS have your back

giphy %284%29

"Do you need to puke? Come I'll hold your hair."

"You can cut the line if you REALLY want to pee badly."

4. They love the banter but more importantly, they're amazing listeners

Drunk girls conversations start with "I've had too much to drink, shouldn't have had that last jägerbomb" and end with "I don't know maybe that's why I have such low self-esteem cause childhood issues don't ever really go away."

5. It's an ideal 'Two for Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco' moment

giphy %283%29

"Babe you're killing it tonight. Those legs and that dress, you're on fire."

"Bub, you're going to have the entire club falling in love with you tonight, you look hawwttt!"

6. Trashy boys 0 Drunken girls 1

"You're way too good for him. Have you seen yourself?!"

"So what if your ex is grinding someone on the dance floor. Babe look at you, you deserve so much better."

"You're planning to go home with him? You do you babe, I just hope he's not a jerk."

7. Someone or the other always has tampons

giphy %282%29

"Tampons or sanitary napkins anyone? It's really urgent."

"Yup. Got you gurl!"

*hugs* *squeals*

8. You can find your soulmate in a matter of few minutes

".....and then he didn't even pick up my call. How can he ghost me? I was his fucking girlfriend man."

"Dude, it's okay, men are like that only. The same thing happened with me. Now I don't trust what they say only."

"You're my soulmate, let's be friends IRL."

"Yeah, we have to take a shot outside together."


9. One person's plan is the entire bathroom squad's plan

giphy %285%29

"After this I'm headed to PCO. You and your friends should totes join us."

"Yayyy, after party!"

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