#LoveYourself: 30-Days Self-Love Challenge To Become Your Own Best Friend

#LoveYourself: 30-Days Self-Love Challenge To Become Your Own Best Friend

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and that's why all workouts and diets are usually designed into a thirty-day challenge. While many of us look after our physical health by doing exercises that would improve our well-being, we forget that our mind needs just as much love and care. 

Some of us go through our days' cribbing about what we don't like in ourselves, we look in the mirror and pick out faults in the person staring back at us and we just spiral into self-loathing. However, the only way it'll change is if we all realise that no one is coming to save us. Sometimes we've gotta wear the capes and save ourselves

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To fall in love and become your own best friend, we've got a 30-day self-love challenge that you can follow and understand the true meaning of self-love.

Day One: Get Yourself A Journal

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Through these thirty days penning down your thoughts will become essential. Pick out a journal that speaks to you- a quirky, colourful one, a leather one or any other that you like and embark on this journey.

Day Two: Gift Yourself A Boquet Of Flowers

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Flowers make everything better and instead of waiting for someone special to gift us a beautiful bouquet be that person for yourself.

Day Three: Create A Ritual

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Rituals are essential especially when you're dealing with a mental disorder. Keep the routine simple and relaxing for your body and mind like having lemon water first thing in the morning or just doing basic stretches when you wake up.

Day Four: Meditate

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Download a meditation app or just go on YouTube and put a video that you can follow and meditate for a few minutes. You don't need to do much if you don't want to, even ten minutes can help you de-clutter your mind.

Day Five: Drop A Bad Habit

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Since you're spending all this time making good choices and doing things you absolutely love, it also makes sense to drop the bad habits. It could be big ones like quitting smoking or smaller ones like sleeping too late at night. 

Day Six: Disconnect 

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Technology is great but it can also be ruling your life. Take a day to disconnect from screens including your phone and laptop. Switch off all devices and try to find something else to occupy your free time. You may be surprised by the results.

Day Seven: Go Barefoot

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For as much of the day as possible, leave your shoes behind. Feel the ground with your feet and you'll feel very connected to mother nature. Whether it's a stroll on the beach or a walk through the neighbourhood park, you'll feel more in touch with your roots. 

Day Eight: Pick Up A New Book

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If reading used to be one of your true loves and you haven't had the time to get back to it, now is the best time. Pick up a book that's been on your bucket list and get reading. Even if reading isn't your forte pick out a self-help book or a children's book, they can be more fun than you think.

Day Nine: Start A Conversation With A Stranger

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We bump into so many people during the day but we don't even spare a second in the busy schedule of our day to say hi and wish them. Be it in the grocery store queue or the person standing next to you in public transport. If you're too shy about this, a simple 'good morning' will also be sufficient.

Day Ten: Declutter

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Tidying up the spaces around you are sure to have a positive effect on your mood. Rearrange your cupboard and declutter your study table. Box all the excess into charity boxes and denote them to those in need. Put on some fun pop music when you're doing it and add in a solo dance party!

Day Eleven: Go Pamper Yourself

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Everyone loves a good pamper session, so schedule one at the salon. Get a manicure, pedicure or a massage and just relax. You can even get a crazy haircut or colour it to add to the changed personality.

Day Twelve: Write Your Fears

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Penning down your fears and seeing them in ink can be extremely powerful. Writing them down can take away the power that they hold and you can then focus on conquering them.

Day Thirteen: Stargaze

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Somehow our romantic side comes out only at night. Well, let it. Go to your nearby park or lay on your terrace and stargaze. Do this alone but you can also take a special someone and make a night out of it. 

Day Fourteen: Write Down Your Dreams

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All the time you've spent introspecting would have given you some perspective in life. Pen down all your dreams and how you can possibly achieve them. These can be big life goals or even smaller dreams you have for yourself.

Day Fifteen: Practice Mindfulness

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For however long you can, practice the art of mindfulness. Put in your full concentration and attention into what you're doing at that present moment. Be aware of where you are and what you're doing and don't let yourself get bogged down by the stresses around you. There are many YouTube videos for guided mindfulness if you need help.

Day Sixteen: Take A Selfie Just For You

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Make yourself look stunning, put on your favourite outfit and click a bomb selfie but don't share it. Keep it with yourself or print it out and put into your journal. It'll remind you of a happier and healthier you.

Day Seventeen: Get Someone Else Flowers 

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Getting someone flowers is such a happy feeling. Pick out your favourite bunch, write a heartfelt note and give someone flowers. This can light up their day and also make them feel appreciated and loved.

Day Eighteen: Create Boundaries

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Notice carefully who all and what places drain you. Think deep and hard before exposing yourself to these situations. Creating new boundaries and being able to keep people at a distance can be a leap in the self-love department. Choose to be surrounded by light and happiness.

Day Nineteen: Eat Clean

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For one day go without eating packaged food at all. Eat a salad with organic vegetables and ingredients or whatever food you fancy, just not processed food. Focus on nuts, pulses, fruits, and vegetables. Just for a day!

Day Twenty: Roll On Down A Hill

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Today is a happy day. Roll down a hill or if you can't find one, roll on the grass again and again. Keep doing it till you tire yourself out and then roll some more. The idea is to have fun and connect with nature! 

Day Twenty One: Go Somewhere New

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Is there someplace you've always wanted to go but never had the time? Well, now is as good a time as any. Jump into your car and drive till your mind tells you to stop. Be comfortable in the unknown.

Day Twenty-Two: Help Someone

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This is the day when you actually help someone around you. Pick up a bag for them or open the door, it doesn't cost you a thing to spread kindness in the world.

Day Twenty-Three: Dance

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Put on blaring music on your speakers and just let loose and dance. Sway on your ride to work, snap your fingers at the office and just dance to your own rhythm. And if you're too conscious, you can shut the door and have a solo dance party.

Day Twenty-Four: Say 'I Love You' To Yourself

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Every time you cross a mirror or open the front camera of your phone or anytime you remember through the day, keep muttering the words 'I love you' to yourself. This could be more powerful than you expected.

Day Twenty-Five: Take A Bath

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Take a long bath and no, you don't need a bathtub for this. If you have one great, fill it with bubbles and salts and relax. Even if you're taking a shower, make it a long one. Put on some soothing music, light candles and pamper yourself.

Day Twenty-Six: Get Your Artsy On

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Even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body, paint or draw or create something. Put on an origami video or just doodle for half an hour. It'll help you calm down and create something original and beautiful.

Day Twenty-Seven: Smile All Day Long

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Smiles are contagious and we could all do with some more happiness in the world. Smile at yourself, at your friends and family and even at strangers. Spread joy to the world today!

Day Twenty-Eight: Create A Happy Place

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Take out time for yourself to create a happy space. Build a fort of sheets, or put a hammock in your porch. Basically anywhere around the house where you can sit and be still with your thoughts. Add some scented candles, a plant, a cute rug and be at peace with yourself.

Day Twenty-Nine: Embrace Yourself And Your Strength

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Take this day to pat your back and embrace all the things that make you, you. Acknowledge the amazing things that you've got going for you and take your shortcomings in your stride. Celebrate being yourself.

Day Thirty: Reflect And Understand

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You're done but in a way, you're just starting. If you've embraced this journey or glided through, understand what worked for you and what didn't. This journey is a long and happy one, honour that.

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