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21 Millennial Slangs You Can Use So That Your Vocab Is Totes On Fleek!

21 Millennial Slangs You Can Use So That Your Vocab Is Totes On Fleek!

The beauty of language is that it keeps evolving with time and we can keep adding tones to it to be more suitable for the current generation. As a loud and proud social media addicted millennial, I'm taking it up upon myself to teach you guys some of the words that'll make you feel completely savage and on fleek! Didn't understand what I meant? Well, you clearly need to read this article.

So get ready and get your millennial slang on cause we've got a list of 21 words to add to your vocab RN:

1. Extra- Completely over the top (ott) behaviour

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Sentence: Oh Em Gee! Shanaya from SOTY is so E-X-T-R-A, who sings Gulabi Aankhey for herself?!

2.  Bae- A short form for before anyone else

Sentence: Screw boys, Tuffy is only my four-legged bae.

3. Low Key- Low on the intensity or modest

Sentence: I'm pretty sure she low key hates him, she's just afraid to say it out loud.

4. Yaas- An exciting way of saying yes

Sentence: Yaasss! We're going on a road trip, I call shotgun.

5. AF- short form for as fuck

Sentence: My boss is annoying AF! Why the hell does she give me her work to do?

6. Lit- When something is very happening or popping

giphy %2883%29

Sentence: The new club opened near my house was lit AF. I need that DJ's playlist.

7. Turnt- Excited/hyper/under the influence

Sentence: Vikram just took five vodka shots and has now jumped into the pool with his clothes on. He's so freakin' turnt!

8. Woke- Being aware and concerned about social issues

Sentence: Talking about mental health issues should be about more than just trying to be woke on Instagram.

9. Thicc- Having a curvy arse or nice legs

Sentence: Damn gurl, dat booty thicc AF.

10. Basic- Interested in only mainstream trends or popular things

Sentence: She wore blue jeans and a white tee with Superstar sneakers to the event, could she be any more basic?

11. Thirsty- Horny

Sentence: Bae just sent me a shirtless selfie, Imma get so thirsty.

12. On Fleek- Fashionable/well-styled

giphy %2884%29

Sentence: Did you see Manasvi's dress today? She's so on fleek!

13. Mood: Used to express something very relatable

Sentence: Just saw this meme about death and seriously, mooodddd!

14. Spilling Tea- Telling secrets or gossiping

Sentence: C'mon gurl, spill the tea about Khloe Kardashian and Tristan's beef with Jordyn Woods.

15. V- Short form for very

Sentence: The news of the break-in at Srishti's house is v scary. I hope she gets better soon.

16. Shook- Shocked/utter disbelief/surprised

Sentence: Your highlighter is so poppin', I'm shook babe.

17. JOMO- Joy of missing out

giphy %2885%29

Sentence: I've become so anti-social these days I actually get JOMO and not FOMO.

18. Can't even: The feeling when you can't handle something or someone

Sentence: This day is just not ending, I can't even with life RN.

19. Netflix and chill- Hooking up

Sentence: Hey wanna come over tonight? We can Netflix and chill! ;)

20. Suh- Short form of what's up

Sentence: Suh bro?! How's it hanging?

21. Blessed- Feeling fortunate

Sentence: Kanye is always feeling blessed it's awesome.

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