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Beauty Basics: The Truth About Antibacterial Soaps And Why You Need Them!

Beauty Basics: The Truth About Antibacterial Soaps And Why You Need Them!

On your bed, on your plate, on your toilet seat and even on your cellphone screen - germs are everywhere. Yes, let that slowly sink in. Even the air you breathe has germs in it! Not getting rid of them can make you prone to diseases. What’s even worse is that you could play host and pass on those diseases to another person.

One way to deal with this problem is to invest in a good antibacterial soap. Whether it’s in a liquid, foam, gel or bar shape, it really doesn’t matter. As long as the soap contains triclosan, triclocarban, benzalkonium chloride, chloroxylenol and benzethonium chloride, you should be safe. Antibacterial soaps are even priced higher as compared to regular soaps because of the ingredients they have in them. Honestly though, what’s the difference between the two variants? Let’s find out!

Antibacterial Soap Vs Regular Soap
Right Way To Wash Hands
Best Antibacterial Soaps

Antibacterial Soap Vs Regular Soap

Antibacterial Soap Regular Soap
Costs more than regular soaps.Costs less than antibacterial soaps.
Mostly available in metro cities.Easily available in remote areas and cities.
Contains triclosan and triclocarbanDoes not contain triclosan and triclocarban.
Mostly used and spotted at hospitals and restaurants.Mostly used at home.
Available in foam, gel, liquid and barAvailable in foam, gel, liquid and bar.

The Right Way To Wash Your Hands

best antibacterial soap foam hand wash

You could use any type of soap you want, but if you don’t know how to wash your hands, well, none of it would matter. I know this may sound silly at first to teach you how to wash your hands the right way, but it isn’t all that simple. When washing your hands, don’t just finish things off in a few seconds. Take your time. Scrub between your fingers, under your nails and wrists. Still not clear how to do it? Here’s how to do it the right way. 

Step 1: Under running water, rinse your hands with water. (It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold.)

Step 2: Apply soap to both your palms. 

Step 3: Lather it up!

Step 4: Spent time to rub your palms together and wash till your wrist area. (You can count from 1-50 or just recite alphabets from A-Z while washing)

Step 5: Use a clean hand towel to wipe and dry your hands.

What Are The Best Antibacterial Soaps To Buy?

Here are some best antibacterial soap brands you must try.

1. Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh 100% Stronger Germ Protection Soap Bar

best antibacterial soap lifebuoy soap

I’ve been using Lifebuoy since my childhood days. This product not only smells like fresh lemon pulp but also makes your hands squeaky clean as well. When using this product make sure that you are applying it not only on your palms but in between your fingers as well. 

Price: Rs 104. Buy it here.

2. Wild Ideas Wild Ideas Anti-Bacterial Hand-Made Soap, Eucalyptus

best antibacterial soap wild ideas soap 2

You’ll be thrilled to know that this hand-made soap is made from eucalyptus extract, coconut oil and lemongrass essential oil. The best part about this product is that it’s free from toxins and after using, it’ll make your skin look and feel super soft and smooth. 

Price: Rs 318. Buy it here.

3. Naturalis Handmade Soap with Natural Neem Oil Antibacterial and Antifungal

best antibacterial soap naturals handmade soap

This soap isn’t only antibacterial, it’s vegan and natural too. Packed with neem and rosemary extract, you can not only use the soap to wash your hands but your face as well. Plus, the packaging is too pretty to not pick up. 

Price: Rs 175. Buy it here. 

4. Ketocrat Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial Bathing Bar

best antibacterial soapketo crat soap 3

Looking to find the best antibacterial soap bar? Well, you can try this one out. The text on the packaging looks promising and the classic white colour of the soap will match any wash basin. You’ve got to try it believe it. 

Price: Rs 185. Buy it here.

5. All Naturals Himalayan Anti-Bacterial Pink Salt Bathing Bar

best antibacterial soapall naturals himalayan 4

First of all, this soap looks gorgeous! You might not want to use it because it looks so pretty, but you must. The rock salt ingredient in it is naturally antibacterial and helps to remove odour on the body and hands. Plus, it’s a steal for the price!

Price: Rs 249. Buy it here.

6. Just A Soap Neem, Mint and Eucalyptus Soap With Goat Milk

best antibacterial soap just a soap neem

Did you know that this soap bar contains fresh goat milk? Not just that, it also has extracts from neem, eucalyptus and mint. Plus, the anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial and moisturising properties in this soap help kill germs and soften hands. 

Price: Rs 360. Buy it here.

7. SALVE Sweatgo Antibacterial Astringent and Antiperspirant Soap for Control of Hyperhidrosis and Excessive Sweating

best antibacterial soapsoap 5

Sweating hands are for real, guys! When your hands start to sweat, bacteria and dust begin to stick to them. Imagine touching your face with those hands after, right? Hello, breakouts! Use this soap to wash your hands and trust me, your hands will appear squeaky clean. 

Price: Rs 121. Buy it here.

8. Soulflower Pure Tea Tree Handmade Soap

best antibacterial soapsoul flower soap

You can wash your face, hands and body with this multi-purpose soap. It’s free from chemicals and fragnance too. When washing your hands with this soap, don’t just wash it off immediately. Take a minute to do so. The longer you keep it, the more dust and bacteria it removes. 

Price: Rs 270. Buy it here.

9. Godrej Protekt Masterblaster Handwash

antibacterial soap

If you like handwashes that smell good then you should pick this product up! It’s a liquid soap and does a fantastic job at removing dirt, bacteria and sweat from the hands. Loaded with coconut oil and glycerin, this handwash will make those hands of yours super smooth. 

Price: Rs 89. Buy it here.

10. Dettol Liquid Handwash

best antibacterial soapdettol liquid

When all fails, choose Dettol. It’s a product that’s commonly found at stores and makes a great handwash as well. The best part is that you can buy those refill packs each time you run out of this soap. Also, for the quality and price, this handwash is worth every penny. 

Price: Rs 89. Buy it here.


1. What is the best soap to kill bacteria?

Any antibacterial labelled soap will do just fine. More than the soap, it's important to know how to wash your hands properly. Don't just do so in a hurry. Spend around 20-30 seconds scrubbing your hands and wrists.

2. Is foaming soap better?

Actually, foaming soap isn't as effective as regular soap. The lather with each pump contains less product as compared to liquid. Since there's hardly any product buildup it's less effective as compared to other versions of soap.

3. What are the different variants of soap?

best antibacterial soaphand made soaps

There are mainly 4 types of soap - liquid, foam, soap bars, paper.

4. Can you use hand soap on the face?

It's not recommended. Hand soaps may irritate or dry out your skin. You need a cleanser that’s designed to remove dust and bacteria on the skin without damaging it.

5. What’s the shelf life of a handwash?

Post manufacturing, it’s 2 years.

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