How Do You Clasp Your Bra? This Thread Proves That There Are Two Kinds Of Women In The World

How Do You Clasp Your Bra? This Thread Proves That There Are Two Kinds Of Women In The World

Bras are such a controversial topic, I feel. Some people absolutely love them for the support they provide whereas others detest them and can't wait to just unhook and unwind after a long day. Well, we aren't ones to judge so your love-hate relationship with bras is perfectly fine. But what we're concerned about is how you wear them.

This viral Twitter thread has left twitterati divided about which way they put on their bras and we're baffled too. It's come to our attention that the world is divided in to two kinds of women: ones who hook their bras at the back and the others who do it correctly.

One second, how do you even put on a bra and then blindly squirm around to find out if both hooks are on. Don't believe me? Think about putting buttons and doing it blindfolded. It's kind of the same thing. However, there are people who don't believe me and actually find it comfortable just that way.


Let the battle begin...



There's always a third kind:

These kind of people are my fave though.

So we haven't reached a decision as to which one is correct but our vote is still with team blue. I mean you've gotta be magicians if you're fiddling around to hook it at the back. But why don't you let us know how you guys wear your bras in the comments section.

Image Source: Unsplash

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