Instagram Was Down But I *Still* Didn't Do These 20 Things On My To-Do List

Instagram Was Down But I *Still* Didn't Do These 20 Things On My To-Do List

Facebook and Instagram were down last night from 10 PM to around 4 AM, users were unable to post new content, add Instagram stories, load them or send direct messages. Considering how we love our social media, this was terribly frustrating! Imagine not going through Vicky Kaushal's profile before going to bed. Instagram issued an official apology and all the night owls woke up to a smooth as butter app. On Facebook, the ad section was down and there were some problems with the messenger, both things most users already hate, so it was kind of a win-win situation. 

However, like every other millennial tragedy, this too inspired some iconic memes that made this entire situation somewhat bearable. 

1. It's Time To Come Back Up

instagram down meme - friends

Source: Instagram

2. Just Cannot Deal

3. It's Basically 2005

instagram down 02

Source: Twitter

It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one. Because as someone who loves her Instagram and is currently logged into five accounts on her phone, Instagram being down left a gaping hole in my schedule. What am I supposed to do with the 2 hours I spend surfing my feed before I go to sleep? So after asking around and doing some much-needed introspection, I made a list of things I could have done when Instagram was down. Things which could have turned out to be way more productive.

things i could have done when instagram was down

1. Read a book 

2. Taken a nap 

3. Made a DIY face pack

4. Bathed my dog 

5. Downloaded dating apps

6. Deleted them already

7. Cleaned my room 

8. Spoken to my parents

9. Checked my bank account... and then weeped

10. Cleared my inbox 

11. Done my laundry 

12. Watched Tele-marketing 

13. Checked how old Jim Sarbh is 

14. Logged into my Orkut account 

15. Finally checked my Yahoo mail inbox... why do I still have one? 

16. Gotten my news from Reddit or Quora 

17. Texted an ex-boyfriend 

18. Learned morse code 

19. Finally checked everyone's Whatsapp stories

20. Downloaded PUBG, why not? 

21. Put on that almost expired sheet mask!

I think I covered all the tasks I've been procrastinating about and would be a much better use of my time than obsessing over other people's lives. 

Images: Giphy, Pexels

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