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13 Things You'll Totally Get If You Too Get Awkward When Someone Flirts With You!

13 Things You'll Totally Get If You Too Get Awkward When Someone Flirts With You!

Are you socially awkward? Do you end up saying or behaving in a way that puts you in a spot where you're embarrassed for the next 15 years to come? Do you look at other girls who can flirt effortlessly and feel that you're under-equipped to handle situations that may involve talking to other human beings? Well, then welcome to Team Awkward and let me tell you, the struggle is real. The real struggle comes when you have to flirt with somebody (or in fact, talk to someone cute)! Remember that scene from Kapoor & Sons where Fawad says "you're funny" and Alia responds with "you're hot". Well, that's me every time I'm around a cute boy! So if like me, you're one of those awkward girls who doesn't know what to do in social situations, here are some things you'll totally relate to!

1. You never know if the person is flirting with you or just being nice.

Your awkwardness is a hindrance in your brain processing things.

2 awkard flirt

2. Have you ever responded to 'Hey' from your crush with a 'thank you for your attention' because I have!

It made for a weird conversation from there on!

3. Your friends have to constantly point out that the cute guy from across the bar is trying to flirt with you.

Your response to that is usually running to the bathroom because your skill set does not involve small talk. 

4. Talking with your crush is like walking across a minefield!

You never know when you'll call success suck-sex!

1 awkard flirt

5. You don't giggle, you straight out snort at a joke...

... multiple times!

6. You're either very obvious with your affection or too subtle. There is no in-between.

Your mouth is an unpredictable little thing and you don't know what's going to come out of it next! 

7. You're jealous of all the girls who can flirt so easily.

Without looking like either a) they're constipated or b) they'd rather be anywhere but here!

4 awkard flirt

8. You're constantly looking at your friends for advice if you're talking to a cute stranger.

After all, you don't trust your own instincts.

9. The sheer number of articles you've read on 'how to flirt' could fill up a library!

That's the only thing in your search history.

10. Your idea of humour is either sarcasm or insults and that scares them off too soon!

Not everyone appreciates your humour. In fact, no one appreciates your humour.

5 awkard flirt  

11. You've come to dislike parties and social gatherings.

Being around people is stressful because you have no control over what you'll say next.

12. Even if you like someone, things don't move forward!

If you can't tell them you like them, how will anything ever happen? 

13. But that protects you from all the playboys around you!

They're not going to approach you if they can see you snort like a pig. Heart-1, Playboy-0

3 awkard flirt

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