Strength Of A Woman: Why I Feel Empowered When I Put On Makeup

Strength Of A Woman: Why I Feel Empowered When I Put On Makeup

Makeup to me is what candy is to a child. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud. In my case - the cuter, the better. At home, I have three giant wooden drawers to store only beauty products. The first drawer contains my makeup products and brushes, the second one has all my skincare products and the last drawer, has all my bathing essentials like soaps, bath salts and scented candles. (Yes, that’s how much I love my products)

When I First Started Using Makeup

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To tell you the truth, I didn’t always fancy makeup. When I was in junior college, I would only apply kajal and lip balm. Those two were my essentials! As I got older, my approach to makeup took a different curve. I started appreciating the packaging, the brand’s values and most importantly, the ingredients that go into making a product. After attending plenty of beauty events, meeting several makeup artists and watching a bunch of makeup tutorials on the ‘Gram and YouTube, I now understand that applying makeup isn’t supposed to be a routine, but an artistic skill that gets better with practice and time. Makeup is personal to everyone. There isn’t a pattern or a rule book to make notes, you have to have fun with it and be open to experimenting with different trends till you find your own style.

I Rather Be Bold Than Go Bare

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I’ve moved away from the regular nudes and browns and started embracing more colour. Bold lippie shades and shimmery eyeshadow palettes have my heart now. From a girl who used to only wear kajal, I now happily play around with eye makeup trends like sunset eyes, cat eyes and metallic lids. When I’m sporting a bold makeup look, I usually try to balance it out by wearing subtle colour outfits like navy blue, off white and raven black. That way, my makeup is the focus. Why I choose vibrant hues is because it makes me feel empowered and enhances my features in the prettiest way possible.

Skincare & Makeup Go Hand in Hand

There was a time when matte was my favourite texture. Today, my choices have changed. My newest obsession has to be all things glossy and dewy. Skincare and makeup that has moisturising properties and offers instant hydration are at the top of my shopping list. Along with makeup, I also fancy skincare equally. I believe that if you want makeup to look good on your skin, your skin needs to be taken cared of first. I can never apply makeup without prepping my skin first. I need to cleanse, moisturise and hydrate from time to time. Following a proper skincare routine has made makeup look better on my skin.

What Does Makeup Mean To Me?

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Makeup not only makes me feel beautiful but confident in my own skin. Many a time, I get asked if I’m wearing makeup to impress someone or to stand out. The answer is ‘yes’ I dress up for me and that’s all that matters. I don’t owe anyone an explanation and if you’re a girl who loves her makeup too, then you don’t have to be answerable for your beauty choices as well. Amen to that!

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