#POPxoTurns5: Team POPxo Shares Their Vision For The Next Five Years!

#POPxoTurns5: Team POPxo Shares Their Vision For The Next Five Years!

Bring out the cake, because we turned five this year! Yes, 2019 will be remembered as the year when we reached this major milestone, and needless to say, we wouldn't have achieved it without you guys! From introducing six new languages (yes, you read that right!) to the launch of Luxeva, a guide to all things luxury, we have had a stellar year indeed. This year, as POPxo marked its 5 years, I asked our team members to share their vision of the next five to come. From empowerment and representation on a global scale to newer collaborations and scaling greater heights, Team POPxo shares their vision for what they think lies ahead. Take a look! 

1. Nitya Uppal, Assitant Editor

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I've worked for POPxo for two years and within that short time, the company has grown at an unprecedented rate. I think we've been successful because we're constantly changing! Building on which strategy works and getting rid of the ones that don't. In the next five years, I can see our content being available in many more Indian languages. We're going to have our very own podcast (since that's the next big thing.) And whichever social media portal replaces Instagram, all Indian women would be following us on it. Basically, the next five years would be us continuing our journey of being the go-to platform for Indian women!

2. Aayushi Pareek, Social Media Coordinator

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When I think of the next five years, I can see POPxo taking over the globe as the biggest digital platform for women as EVERYONE follows us! I can see us expanding even further, with potential new offices in maybe Singapore or Australia with the coolest teams. And I see myself working along with a driven team of social media aspirants like myself. 

3. Upasana Sarkar, Writer-Bangla

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POPxo would certainly be reaching out to more women than we already do in the next five years, and not just in the country but in the whole wide world. As the frontrunners of digital media, we would be present not only to extend a helping hand to our readers whenever required but also to help them have open-ended discussions. 

4. Tanya Sharma, Junior Editor

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Although I've only been around for three months, I'm already floored by the values that the company upholds; everyone is extremely professional, hardworking, open to new ideas and yet understanding, flexible and always ready to give you a chance. It feels great to work at a place where we're not only empowering millions of women through our work, but also empowering each other. Five years later, I expect the company to scale greater heights, and continue as well as grow their vision of inspiring and empowering women all over the world!

5. Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor


Five years from now, I can definitely see that POPxo will be even bigger and better than it already is. Our web-series will be one of the most-watched series online, POPxo shop will be a 1-stop destination for awesome retail therapy, our readership will grow by another 20 million a month and all our hard work will result in a community of women who help, support and encourage each other across cities, backgrounds and communities. We will redefine the term 'Girl Power'!

6. Baba Koilada, Editor-Telugu

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I think POPXo is going to become a true rockstar in the coming five years, expanding their reach via many languages in India. Our women-centric content will continue to entertain and inspire, even more so in the coming future. In the next five years, I am excited to see POPxo as a digital platform that not only sets new digital trends but also inspires young girls and women to get what they want, without inhibitions. 

7. Kavya Vashisht, Senior Writer

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POPxo has been creating quality content, assessing the needs of millennial women on a daily basis and delivering ideas that resonate with them. With such a wide reach and influential power, I believe that five years down the line we would be able to become an integrated networking platform for women and by women-to collaborate, share and empower each other in one unified and secure space. Apart from creating more opportunities for women in the workplace, POPxo would also move towards harnessing this collective power in order to amplify what women really want. 

POPxo is now available in six languages: EnglishHindiTamilTeluguMarathi and Bangla.

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