#POPxoWaliHoli: Team POPxo Shares Their Favourite Holi Stories!

#POPxoWaliHoli: Team POPxo Shares Their Favourite Holi Stories!

Holi hai, guys! Popularly known as the festival of colours and love, it’s the perfect time to naacho to your favourite desi beats, feast on yummy mithai and spread laughter and joy into your loved ones’ lives. That’s exactly how we do it at #POPxoWaliHoli! What does Holi mean to each of us, you ask? Well, you will have to read on to find out *Wink*

1. Holi Brings My ENTIRE Neighbourhood Together!

“Thankfully, Holi is one such occasion when nobody in my neighborhood stays in. From early morning itself, I hear my doorbell ring constantly and see groups of aunties and uncles arriving with plates full of colours as bright as their smiles. With faces coloured, soon, in a variety of shades and mouths stuffed with gujiyas, every house brims with laughter. And then, it’s time to have some fun! With buckets full of water balloons and fists stuffed with colours, we go from one house to another - to rekindle old relationships and make new friendships.” - Shagun Marwah, Lifestyle Writer

2. Dancin’ In The Rain!


“Every Holi, there's a rain dance event that happens in my building. It's such a fun time when the whole society comes together like a family to make the occasion a colourful one. Caste, religion, grudges, egos are put aside and all that remains is just love. We end the afternoon by sitting at the garden for lunch and gobbling up some yummy gulab jamuns.” - Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer.

3. Celebrations With Senior Citizens.

“I usually visit an old age home during Holi to celebrate the festival with senior citizens. It not only brings happiness to them but for me too. You should try it sometimes! I’m sure it will fill your hearts with joy too.” - Dipali Napahde, Marathi Senior Writer

4. For The Love Of Bhang!

“Back at home, we have a fun way of celebrating Holi. We organise a bhang drinking contest among friends and family. The one who gulps down the maximum glasses is the winner and gets a special gift towards the end of the day. Not to mention, the countless funny anecdotes it adds to the memory bank.”- Priyambada Dubey, Senior Wedding Writer

5. Big Ol’ Bolly Style Holi


“Every year I get together with my friends from school as a sort of tradition and we throw the most epic parties! We all get together, arrange a DJ console at one of our back gardens, dance, drink bhaang and get wasted. Because this happens in Dehradun, the sunshine and beautiful gardens put us all in a fun mood. We get our ‘rang barse’ out ‘balam pichkari’ our way through the day. Of course, the party always starts with everyone ensuring that we use organic colours but after one too many shots the pakka rang, the keechad, the eggs and even the grease from cars come out. Needless to say, we don’t look too pretty once the day is over.” - Anandita Malhotra, Senior Lifestyle Writer

6. A Maharashtrian Spread

“In almost every Maharashtrian home, puran poli and katachi aamti are on the menu. Dipping puran poli soaked in ghee with katachi aamti is like the ultimate comfort food for me during this colourful festival” - Leenal Gawde, Writer & Social Media Manager  

7. Holi = Best Food Ever!


“For me, like every other festival, Holi is all about the food! It also marks the beginning of summers after a chilly Delhi winter and I look forward to finally sitting outside, chugging cans of chilled beer and eating gujiya. If l feel up to it, then I would play with colours and maybe water but I usually try and avoid that.” - Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor

8. Indoors Wali Holi

“Owing to the onslaught of water balloons from the heavens, stepping outside during Holi is a big no-no. Hence, I prefer to play Holi Bollywood songs indoors, while completing my other household chores. They do a great job of bringing in the nostalgia and gratitude- for the festival and the much-needed holiday.” - Urjita Wani, Scriptwriter

9. Family Time = Best Time


“I still remember how I celebrated Holi with my cousins a few years ago. We had so much fun together and I will always remember that time! I think a priority for me during Holi would be to spend time with the people who make me feel happy and loved. So call your old friends and cousins for Holi and make memories together” - Aaditi Datar, Marathi Senior Writer

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