15 Sex Memes We Spotted On The Internet That You'll Totally Want To Share With All Your Girls!

15 Sex Memes We Spotted On The Internet That You'll Totally Want To Share With All Your Girls!

Sex is amazing, sex is awesome and there is nothing like being physically intimate. But sometimes, sex can be funny too. Since human bodies are involved in the process, weird things can happen and in hindsight, they are hilarious. That's where memes come in. The internet blessed us with this wonderful discovery and since then people have pulled out all stops to meme everything - from celebrities to situations to memes. Each sex meme is so true and relatable that you can't help but break into a giggle. So here are a few sex memes that will have you ROFL-ing!

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1. Much, Too Much?

1 sex memes

Image: Source

2. When Things Are NSFW

2 sex memes

Image: Source

3. Oh, The Shame!

3 sex memes


Image: Source

4. Send This To Your Boyfriend ASAP!

5 sex memes

Image: Source

5. Sometimes Carol Needs To Shut Up!

4 sex memes

Image: Source

6. When Bae's Dick Is Magic!

6 sex memes

Image: Source

7. We've All Been There

7 sex memes

Image: Source

8. Keep Up Men

8 sex memes

Image: Source

9. Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls ;P

9 sex memes

Image: Source

10. That's Just How We Roll

10 sex memes

Image: Source

11. You're Going To Kill Me... With Pleasure!

11 sex memes

Image: Source

12. Brutal Dad Jokes!

12 sex memes

Image: Source

13. If You Send Me Dick Pics I Didn't Ask For, Be Prepared For What Happens Next!

13 sex memes

Image: Source

14. Don't Pretend You Didn't Understand This!

14 sex memes

Image: Source

15. This account is gold, you need to follow it! 




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