#POPxoTurns5: Team POPxo Shares 5 Things They've Learnt While Working At The Company!

#POPxoTurns5: Team POPxo Shares 5 Things They've Learnt While Working At The Company!

As we turn five, nostalgia has taken over our minds and hearts at POPxo. I'm sure a lot of you have wondered what it's like to work at India's largest digital community for women. Well, for starters, there's never a dull moment in office. From makeup sessions and photoshoots to never-ending editorial meetings, there's a lot of creative energy throughout the workplace. There are times when there are puppies in office and days when young moms come in with their little babies. And of course, there's always cake! 

So as we turn five, I asked the team to share five things they’ve learned at POPxo. Here goes...

1. There's no substitute for hard work
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I've been with POPxo for more than three years now and it's been a journey full of learnings. The first and most important thing I learnt here was that hard work never goes to waste. You may have to wait a little bit longer than someone else, but you do always get your due. I also learnt that work-life balance is extremely important and thankfully, I'm able to maintain that balance here. I realized the importance of good co-workers who make coming to work a lot of fun. I understood that you are able to achieve what you have because of your team and it's extremely important that there's mutual respect between everyone. Lastly, I now know that nothing compares to working in a company that's run by women, for women. It's empowering and satisfying.

Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor

2. I've learnt the importance of a team

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Life is fast at POPxo and you need to run to catch up. In the last one year, we have had multiple launches, from POPxo’s One Feed to our first web series to six languages. The deadlines are short and we all band together as a team to make things happen. I’ve learnt the importance of a team. There is no ‘I’ in a team, so we all have to be team players and back each other up. And of course, POPxo gives an insight into how to make content work--it’s all about what the Indian woman wants and we know how to deliver it best.

Apeksha Bhateja, Assistant Editor

3. The key is to never say no 

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I’ve been at POPxo for over three years. As the company grew from 15 to 180+ employees, I know I’ve grown and learnt along with the company. From a client servicing associate to heading Sales for North & East regions, responsibilities and goals have quadrupled and the only thing I know now is impossible is nothing. As long as you work hard and stay focused, you can achieve everything that you’ve dreamt of and more. The key is to never say no, you’ll eventually figure a way to deal with every problem that comes your way.

Snigdha Chowdhary, Sales Lead North, and East

4. Grow fast and grow together

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POPxo has been a big part of my life in the last 5 years. I remember when Priyanka Gill interviewed me and we started on this journey together - I was employee number 3 way back in 2013! The growth that the company has had in these years has been unfathomable and the fact that all of us grew along with the company only goes to show how much bigger it’s going to get.

Sanjana Eipe, Sales Associate Vice President

5. Each day is different and challenging 

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I joined POPxo in 2014 and was lucky to be part of its launch, there’s been no looking back since then. It’s been an immensely educational and inspiring journey watching it grow into India’s number one digital platform for women. Every day is different and comes with its own set of challenges that help make us better and more in-tune with what our audience is all about. Looking at our growth, I can safely say that success truly has no limit, every challenge has scope to learn new things and a group of women can achieve just about anything when they put their mind to it.

Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor

6. Shatter all those glass ceilings 

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Finding opportunities and developing on them at scale on short timelines, is what we do best at POPxo. There’s no better place to learn how to do this well, than here. This creates incredible pressure but it also gives an addictive high. I’ve learnt that as much as everyone may struggle with the pressure, at the end of the day, most feel lost and bored without it.

Ruchira Bose, Head of Content

7. You've got to keep pushing yourself

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I’ve been with POPxo for almost two years now but every day still feels like a new mission and a new journey that I’m embarking on. There are constant challenges and I’ve learnt to toughen up because of them. The job has taught me resilience and has made my never-say-die attitude shine through. I’ve understood that I’ve got to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I’ve also learnt that you've got to keep pushing yourself if you want to shine...it's totally worth it!

Tanya Verma, Social Media Coordinator

8. Work hard, party harder!

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My time at POPxo has been unlike any other. I’ve learnt how to work and perform under the most pressurising conditions and it has built my inner confidence which knows no bounds. Deadlines have become a challenge I happily accept now and I’ve learned to meet them come what may. We also party a whole lot and the team building that happens there is something else- there’s a work hard, play hard attitude which I absolutely love! I’ve understood that the more responsibility you take, the more they’re going to give you. And sometimes when you do make mistakes you can learn from them and make amends.

Divya Sharma, Senior Manager - Partnerships and PR

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