Taimur's Nanny Makes *This* Much A Month And Now I'm Rethinking My Career Choice!

Taimur's Nanny Makes *This* Much A Month And Now I'm Rethinking My Career Choice!

Yesterday I had a lengthy appraisal meeting with both my bosses who were convinced that I make too much money and didn't need a raise. It took an hour of convincing them that I had gone over and beyond my daily work for the benefit of the company. I mean I even had to list down my friends from other departments to make them believe that I did socialise with people. Yes, don't ask, it was a task. 


While my days have clearly been going great, there are some people who are living their best life. 

Number one on my list is the woman we all know and love, Viral Bhayani's favourite individual- Taimur Ali Khan's nanny! Whenever she's around, the media gets a glimpse of baby Tim and the internet literally breaks!

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 1.13.33 PM

Image Source: Instagram

Now there are two reasons why Tim's nanny is living her best life, hear me out, guys...

#1 She gets to spend time with baby Nawab

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 12.55.13 PM

Image Source: Instagram

#2 Her salary is somewhere between the figures of 1.5 to 2 lakh per month.


Yup, in a recent interview Kareena Kapoor addressed a question by a Twitter user who speculated that Tim's nanny makes more than most bureaucrats in the country. To this, she replied, "How do they know that? This question should be addressed by a ministry. There is no price for anything as long as your child is happy and safe. There is no price for that."

And you got excited with your 5% hike in salary?! Dat's cute!

Now this is me running to get a job at the Pataudi household, all the big money seems to be there:

giphy %2827%29

And then asking them to please please please employ me as baby Nawab's royal nanny's assistant:


This is me trying to promote my below average qualifications on my CV for a job with Tim-Tim boy!

giphy %2828%29

If babysitting isn't your forte, you can always take up other jobs serving the rich and famous and your bank balance may be better than what it is now. I mean you definitely wouldn't be broke after just the first week of the month! Mukesh Ambani's driver earns 2 lakh and we think you could definitely mix your passion for cars with making the big bucks. 

BRB, finding Bebo's email address to send in my resume for nanny's assistant nanny!

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