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Our Guide For You To Move On From Your Ex

Our Guide For You To Move On From Your Ex

Let’s face it, moving on from your ex is difficult. More so if the two of you have been together for quite some time. As difficult as it sounds, it is important for you to move on if you want to have a stable relationship with someone else, and most importantly, with your own self! However, we all know that it’s easier said than done. It's difficult to let go of someone once they have played an important role in your life. More so if they are constantly on your mind. So here are some of our tried-and-tested tips on how to stop thinking about someone.

Get Over Your Ex With These Tried and Tested Methods

Whether it’s been a week or a month, our methods will give you all the answers to how to move on in life!

Cut Off All Contact


While it may seem a bit petty at first, banishing all contact from your ex really keeps you from talking to them, which in turn gives you time to cope with your loss. If not permanent, doing it temporarily really helps a long way. While you may be friends later depending on how mature the two of you are and how far you’re both willing to go, there is really no harm in cutting off all contact if you want to move on from your ex.

While it is tempting to stay friends with your ex-boyfriend, do keep in mind that you have to allow yourself to heal first before the two of you can have a chance at a decent friendship. When you’re going through a breakup, being your own best friend first is infinitely more important than anything else. So don’t let yourself feel guilty for putting yourself first and politely let your ex know that you need some space away from him for you to heal.

Let Go Of The Delusions


Most people who go through a breakup still hold on to the hope of getting back together with their ex. While there could be nothing better than this, but let’s be real, it need not always happen. So in our guide of how to stop thinking about someone, we suggest you let go of the fantasies of getting back with your ex and truly let go of them.

Remember that there is a reason behind why the two of you parted in the first place, and ask yourself whether you’re ready to go through all that trouble again. The ‘no’ won’t come at a surprise once you’ll realise that there were a lot of things that were going wrong between the two of you in the first place, a lot of ‘who said what’ and ‘who did what’ that played a major role in the inevitable separation.

So let go of the fantasies of getting back together and create space in your life to welcome someone new!



Once you’re out of a relationship, it’s important for you to look back on it and recognise all the things that went wrong with it. While it’s true that almost all relationships are amazing in the beginning, it is important for you to realise it wasn’t exactly the perfect one for you. While letting go of a relationship can be painful, you do have to take stock of all the expectations it didn’t meet for you and your partner. Once you realise and accept it, it will become far easier for you to move on from your ex! The same school of thought can also help you if you’re wondering about how to move on from a toxic relationship.

Get Rid Of All The Reminders


When you’re in a relationship for a long time, you tend to set reminders on your phone for all the major events that both you and your ex had shared. So get rid of those calendar reminders in one go so that they don’t keep reminding you of your ex again and again. Likewise, get rid of all your couple photos as well. While it might be painful to walk down memory lane at first, it will help you significantly in the long run! This can also help you if you’re looking for how to move on from a crush.

Make Peace With What Happened


As clichéd as it sounds, it really doesn’t make sense for you to hold on to something in your past that’s no longer a part of your present. It is natural to feel hurt, lost, and angry, however, holding on to all that negativity will only carry it forward in your next relationship. So make peace with the fact that it didn’t work out and it didn’t work out for good. Once you make peace with what happened, you can move on in peace. This really helps you when you’re looking for the answer to how to move on from a breakup.

So stop re-evaluating again and again over what went wrong and what could have gone right. Learning to forgive things is one of our most essential mantras on how to stop thinking about someone.

Journal It All


One of the best ways to get over someone is by journaling all your feelings about the entire breakup in a notebook. Trust us on this, this one is a godsend. When you vent all your feelings out on a paper, you feel significantly lighter. If you’re looking for answers to how to move on from your ex boyfriend, then journaling your way out of it is the best way to go about it. We specifically suggest you to do this with a pen and paper since it would help you connect with your base emotions in the best manner!

Love Yourself


Lastly, we probably can’t finish our guide on how to get over someone without mentioning the one cardinal rule that we absolutely swear by: love thyself. Be it moving on from ex-boyfriend or from anyone, nothing beats the feeling of liberation that comes with loving yourself. So go out, cherish the little things that make you who you are, and most of all, learn to cherish your own company again.

So go on a spa retreat, buy that dress and wear it the next time you go out, pamper yourself and get a lot of mani-pedis. Gather your girlfriends and party with them, or go off on your own if that’s what suits you best. Reconnect with yourself and your ex will be out of your mind in no time!