A Complete Guide On How To Become A Fashion Designer!

A Complete Guide On How To Become A Fashion Designer!

Fashion designing is a raging career option that many people are looking for. Nowadays, everyone is opting the fields that they are good at and have interest. Because as long as you have interest in something, you can give your 100% while working on it, but if you are doing a job just for the sake of earning, without your interest, then even your work won’t reflect good results.

So, if you think you have the zeal to be a fashion designer and you want to know more about it, then don’t worry! As you are at the right place. In this article, we will be guiding you on how to become a fashion designer. Here have a look at the article to know the details!

How To Become A Fashion Designer?


There are two ways to be a successful fashion designer.

  1. Do a fashion designing course, which is a more conventional and practical way to be a fashion designer.

  2. Let your passion lead your way to be a fashion designer. Though this way is not conventional as it does not include any certification, diploma or degree, but somehow it has worked for many people who chased their dreams passionately.

Though passion can make you a successful fashion designer, but if you want to achieve success and practically good knowledge then fashion designing education is something that you must have.

Whether formal or informal approach, choosing the field of fashion designing is a really good choice if you love creativity. Well, now let us have a look at the skills that are required to be a fashion designer.

Skills Required To Be A Fashion Designer

1. Strong Drawing Skills

Strong drawing skill is the most basic yet really important skill that a fashion designer must have. Good drawing helps in putting forward your concepts and ideas on paper that will help in your work and designs. Well, if you lack in this area, you can take classes to make your drawing skills better.

2. Creative Mind

A creative mind is all that you need to design any new thing. And fashion designing requires creativity, skills, knowledge of the latest trends and a zeal to try something new and believing in your choice. You need to think out of the box to be a successful fashion designer as the fashion industry needs new ideas every there and now.

3. Strong Visualizing Details


Visualizing skills helps a lot in the field of fashion designing. You need to visualize everything before creating. The step of designing a costume goes from visualizing, conceptualization, drawing and making the costume. Having a good visualization skill will surely help you to be an amazing fashion designer.

4. Good Sense Of Business

To be a successful fashion designer in the world of fashion, you need to have a good sense of business, which includes sales, marketing, finance etc. Without the understanding and knowledge of these skills, you may end up being bankrupt. So, use your money wisely with all the profitable techniques of business from financial security side.

5. Knowledge Of Latest Fashion Trends

Last but not the least skill that a fashion designer must have is that he/she should be updated with the latest fashion trends. When you join the field of being a fashion designer, you have to be updated with new fashion trends to make a designer costume.

So, these were some of the skills required to be a fashion designer. We hope most of your queries are resolved on how to become a fashion designer, now let us have a look at the fashion designing courses criteria.

Fashion Designing Education


There is a big list of fashion designing education and courses that you can go for if you want to pursue your career in the field of fashion. You can do a proper three or four years of the degree in fashion designing, after that you can go for masters. Also, the specialization of fashion designing in MBA is now available in India and in abroad as well.

Before enrolling into a fashion designing course, you need to select your niche, whether it is fashion merchandising, apparel management, retail, accessory designing, lifestyle etc. Fashion designing course also includes diplomas and certifications in the field of fashion, it only depends on your choice and capabilities as what type of fashion designing course you are planning to enrol in. Just take guidance from seniors and see what you are good at and go ahead.

The diploma, certification and degrees are all such fashion designer qualifications that you need to have to be a successful fashion designer. Go chase your dreams, good luck!


What is the average starting salary for a fashion designer?

The starting average salary of a fashion designer is 20-25K. This career has a great scope and if you are good at your skills, you can get a good amount even in the beginning.

What skills do fashion designers need?

The skills that a fashion designer need are: designing, creative mind, knowledge of the latest trends, strong visualizing abilities.

What jobs can you get with fashion designer degree?

The jobs that you can get with the fashion designing degree are: Fashion merchandiser, fashion marketer, PR specialist, fashion blogger, fashion journalist, fashion product manager and many more.

Can I become a fashion designer without a degree?

Yes, you can become a fashion designer without a degree by doing an internship under big designers, starting your own business and with great determination.