Dear Mom-In-Law, Thank You For Making Your Son The Man He Is Today!

Dear Mom-In-Law, Thank You For Making Your Son The Man He Is Today!

Dear Ma,

I didn’t think there would come a point in my life where I would address someone else like my mom. But calling you anything else just doesn’t feel right anymore. I have so many things to say and a lot of things to thank you for, but let me start by saying, thank you for giving me the time I needed to adjust to this new life. The understanding and support that you’ve given me is beyond compare.

On women’s day, I thanked my mother for a lot of things but Ma, I’d like to thank you for raising this incredible man. This man who has been a great partner and an amazing friend. But more than anything, he is just a stellar example of how a man should be and I think a lot of that credit should go to you.

Thank you ma for raising a man who knows how to cook and make chai and do laundry. For raising the man who understands PMS and cramps and is absolutely comfortable talking about it. Thank you for raising a man who understands that running a household is about two people and someone who steps up to the plate and shares the load beautifully.  Thank you, for raising him NOT like you would typically see boys around us being raised.

Thank you ma for teaching this man how to respect women, understand them and communicate effectively with them. Thank you for teaching your son to understand that it is not just about getting me flowers or chocolates this one day in the year, but being an equal partner every day!

Thank you ma for instilling in him at an early age that women are equals in every way and should not be demeaned. For telling him to be ambitious and passionate but to also understand someone else’s passion, and fuel and encourage it. Because if I didn’t have the faith that he is equally capable of managing the home as I am passionate about my career, I wouldn’t have been so confident about my aspirations. Thank you ma for showing and teaching him how to love unconditionally and to look past people’s flaws.

Finally, thank you so much ma for accepting me as a part of his life and stepping back so we could build our own life together. I am sure letting go wouldn’t have been easy, but you did so with so much grace and love. Thank you ma, and I hope that if I do have a son, I would raise him just like you did yours. I hope to teach him everything you taught your son and to instill in him the same values.


Your new daughter.

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Also, the latest instalment of their campaign spoke about a mother, a daughter and a son highlighting the difference in the upbringing between the daughter and son in terms of household chores and laundry.

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Are we really teaching our sons the right things? It is definitely time to introspect.

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