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The Cute Story Of Aashka Goradia & Brent Goble Is Proof That Love Always Wins

The Cute Story Of Aashka Goradia & Brent Goble Is Proof That Love Always Wins

Naagin actress Aaksha Goradia and her firang husband Brent Goble have been giving some major couple goals for quite some time now. After getting married in December 2017, and spending a couple of years in a long-distance marriage, the lovebirds are finally ready to have some good times to look forward to.


Image Credits: Brent Goble on Instagram

The businessman and yoga guru recently shared a cute picture with wife on Instagram and captioned it as, “To gain something, you have to give something.” •
To sacrifice our time together was beyond difficult this last month. We didn’t truly realize the strength of the bond we created until we took some distance. While I was working internally on creating and preparing my Yoga Teachings, my wife was working tirelessly to set the field in which I would grow those teachings. • I couldn’t be happier to be holding her in my arms again. No more sleepless nights of tossing and turning without each other. No more rushed phone calls between classes and engagements. No more facing challenging situations alone. •
Home again. Ready to begin a new chapter. Back to Mumbai!"

So, after two years of long distance, Aashka and Brent are finally ready to live together! That's some happy news for the couple.


Image Credits: Brent Goble on Instagram

Recently, in an interview to Humans of Bombay, Brent talked about the couple's cute love story- from their first meeting and his parents' reaction to how he proposed her. "2 years ago, she decided to fly down to Vegas. On her last night there, she told me later, she felt as though she had to go to Hakkasan - ‘something there was going to change her life.’ And there I was... waiting for my colleagues.
When she walked in, I saw her & I just had to approach her. But when I did, she was cautious & cold. So, I kept on talking to her friend until she realised how approachable I was. I guess she couldn’t resist! At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers. Then she had to leave- it was one of those long goodbyes that just keeps you wanting more. 
We kept talking for a month until she decided to visit me again. I’d also just come out of a relationship then, so we were open to exploring this spark between us. She flew in & we spent the week together in Vegas- it was love. "


Image Credits: Brent Goble on Instagram

Brent also revealed how his parents warned him to be cautious as he had had a heartbreak recently. However, soon after they met Aaksha all their doubts disappeared. "Immediately after, I left for Colorado to visit my family. I told my dad ‘I met someone.’ His reaction was ‘Really? Again?’ They wanted me to be cautious after my last heartbreak. But I assured them that they’d love her!
So I brought her home to meet my parents. In the 1st 30 mins, my mom took her to our porch to chat & my dad said ‘Oh... she’s different.’ They saw it too!"


Image Credits: Brent Goble on Instagram

Then came the most difficult part. One of them had to move if they wanted to get married and stay together for the rest of their lives. "We had to be sure & there couldn’t be a backup. I thought about it- she has a great career, I couldn’t take her away from that! 
Besides, why must it be the lady who has to move? So, I decided to move my life around- it was easy because at the end I got to be with her. It took me a month to get things in order. But I did it, & I don’t regret it. I flew down to India & met her family. I expressed my intentions, telling them that Aashka was it for me & they offered me a drink! I was now a part of this big loving family! "


Image Credits: Brent Goble on Instagram

Talking about how he proposed his lady love on Christmas, Brent said, "That year, we flew home for Christmas. I had a surprise planned- after all the gifts were opened, there was a little one hanging on the tree for her. My nephews were waiting with the camera… she opened the box to find my ring inside- she turned around, said ‘YES!’ There it was- the miracles I’d ever dreamed of, all fulfilled in that one moment!”

Don't these two make the perfect couple together? We wish them a life full of happiness ahead!

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Published on Mar 5, 2019
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