#BeautyDiaries: Wax Strips Removes All Of My Blackheads!

#BeautyDiaries: Wax Strips Removes All Of My Blackheads!

As much as we love watching pimple popping and blackhead removing videos, there’s no denying that they are gross and shouldn’t even exist in the first place. I mean, what’s even the point of blackheads? They’re disgusting and become so prominent on your face if you skip a few face cleaning sessions.

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How I Used To Get My Blackheads Removed

I usually get my blackheads removed during the process of face cleaning which is probably one of the best ways to remove blackheads. It involves face steaming, removing the blackheads (whiteheads too) with a sharp blackhead removing tool and applying the face with a cooling mud pack and it takes up a good hour or two of my time. But who has this kind of time every week? Plus imagine if you’re supposed to go somewhere and those blackheads are shining in all their glory. What to do then?

Yes, I did try the charcoal peeling mask for an instant fix and honestly, it’s the worst thing I did to my face. Unnecessary pain, residue gets left behind, makes my face so red, itches, facial hair gets peeled out and doesn't do that one thing it’s supposed to do- remove those pesky blackheads on my nose. It's like putting a wax strip on your entire face and that’s exactly what I used next. WHAATT?? Is that your reaction? Quite expected though.

Yes, I Remove My Blackheads Using A Wax Strip

Enlightening you with a little backstory here, so what had really happened was that there was this blackhead bump that was refusing to leave my nose alone. Angrily, I used a wax strip on it because no amount of parlour sessions was making it go away. And to my surprise, it was gone and so were my other blackheads and all it took was one pull!

There was no DIY involved, no ingredients to create a paste or anything, I discovered a simple foolproof way to remove blackheads from my nose, at home.


Seriously, I dare you to find blackheads on my nose. 

Now, before you decide to give this method a try, let me discuss a few pros and cons with you:


  • Inexpensive

  • Instantly removes blackheads

  • Painless


  • Might peel off some hair from nose

  • Not recommended for people with sensitive skin

How To Remove Blackheads Using A Wax Strip

Wash your face with a face wash and pat it try using a towel. Next, take out one wax strip from the pack, peel it apart and gently put it on your nose and rub it for a better pull. Using another hand, just stretch your nose a little bit in the other direction and pull the wax strip. That's it, you're done.

Just a little tip: Pull it in the same direction as your nose hair growth to avoid peeling of the hair that might result in a breakout or a reaction. Quickly rub a cube of ice once you're done and a smooth, shiny nose awaits you. Repeat every month.

Would I Recommend This Instant Way To Remove Blackheads? 

Absolutely yes! It barely takes up my time and honestly, I rather use this method of removing blackheads at home than spending both my time and money at a parlour sesh! Initially, I had used a wax strip that was meant for body hair removal (it's harsher in comparison) but now I've replaced it with a facial wax strip. Hello, clean and squeaky nose!

Product Recommendations:

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