#POPxoTurns5: Team POPxo Takes The Five Year Challenge To Share Their Journey

#POPxoTurns5: Team POPxo Takes The Five Year Challenge To Share Their Journey

When I joined POPxo, we were celebrating the success of a wedding story with 2 million views in a month and today, we welcome these numbers every week. Since then, we’ve launched Plixxo, a beauty box, POPxo Shop, POPxo in 6 languages, our own web series - Unmarried, Luxeva, have tirelessly created impactful content, have moved offices and have led numerous campaigns. It’s brilliant how a company can grow and help you grow with it, day after day. On some days, we cut cakes and on others, we stay up late. We, a family of more than 180 people, always find a way to your heart. As for us, more chocolate, more team lunches, more work and years pass by just like that.

As POPxo completes its 5 years of hard work, smart ideas and explorative content, our impeccable team takes #POPxo5YearChallenge and go back the memory lane to celebrate the moment. Much like the famous #10YearChallenge, they shared their pictures from 5 years back and the experiences over the years.  

1. Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - priyanka ghura %281%29

For me, POPxo feels like home. It’s been over 5 years since I’ve been a part of this big company and even though I took a break in the middle, I couldn’t stay away and came back. We’re like 1 giant family that is 180 members strong (and counting!), only we understand the excitement, satisfaction and sometimes even frustration that is part of our daily lives and all the challenges that are thrown at us that have made us stronger. Our founder, Priyanka Gill is the captain of our ship and her unabashed ambition, drive and superpower to multi-task is what pushes us to work harder and grow, not just as a company but as individuals. Our growth has been phenomenal and I truly believe that it’s only going to get bigger and better from here.

2. Snigdha Chowdhary, Sales Lead North and East

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - snigdha chowdhary

I’ve been at POPxo for over three years. As the company grew from 15 to 180+ employees, I know I’ve grown and learned along the way. From a client servicing associate to heading Sales for North & East regions, my responsibilities and goals have quadrupled and the only thing I know now is impossible is nothing. Hard work, perseverance and focused vision, have brought me till here - and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me. The key is to never say no. I know I’ll eventually figure a way to deal with every problem that comes my way.

3. Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor 

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - nitya uppal

The two years that I've spent at the company has been a major learning experience. I've understood the pace that the digital media industry works at and most importantly, I've learned how to keep up with it. My favourite part about working at POPxo is that it is a company by Indian women, and for Indian women. The fact that more than 70% of the workforce is female makes a huge difference!

4. Krithika Kumar, Senior Writer - Branded Content

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - krithika kumar

My mom always told me that it is very important to enjoy what you do and that's exactly what I do here. In the past 3 years, POPxo has helped me grow personally and professionally and every single day is a party with so many beautiful people around. I have learned to let go, embrace new beginnings and be a better person every day. We were a team of 20 when I joined and now we are a family of 180 (and counting). It's motivating to work with so many career-driven women (and men) and they all play such an important role in pushing me to do great things each day. All of this wouldn't have been possible without our founder pushing us to be phenomenal every minute!

5. Kannagi Desai, Junior Editor - Branded Content

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - Kannagi desai

Joining POPxo was a huge leap of faith for me. Leaving my first love for print journalism and moving to digital seemed like a big deal, but I am so glad I decided to make the shift! POPxo opened up a whole new world of learning for me. I have worked in a lot of aspects in the company, have made several friends even grown as a writer. The last 2 years were pretty enriching and I can't wait to see what else this company has in store for me and itself. It's just going to get bigger and better, and I am glad to have a front row seat to the view.

6. Nikky Sachdev - Senior Community Manager

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - nikky sachdev

I was getting back to work after a long time and sometimes a long gap like that meant no one willing to take you back. However, POPxo did things differently here. My five-year gap wasn't treated as a huge issue. The management decided to see beyond it. The last ten months have been absolutely wonderful. Being part of a young and dynamic company gives me an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I love the fact that I can get my kids to work (who, by the way, love coming here) because there aren't many organisations who are inclusive or supportive of the working moms. POPxo has grown so much and diversified in the last ten months that makes me happy to be part of it.

7. Pamela Kundu, Social Media Coordinator

POPxoTurns5  Team POPxo Takes The  POPxo5YearChallenge - pamela kundu

I have been in the company for almost a year now and POPxo was a whole new world experience for me. Coming from an agency background, POPxo had opened a wide field of new responsibilities and growth. Each day is a new learning experience and has helped me grow personally. It has made me feel more confident about myself. As a social media coordinator, I got an opportunity to interact with various teams and also be part of various events. I also found great friends at the company! This has been a beautiful journey and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Thanks to our wonderful team and all of you, these 5 years have been great! 

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